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Alkaline Vegan Healing Guide PDF Free

If you are looking for the Dr.Sebi Alkaline Vegan Healing Guide PDF then you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we added a button to download the Alkaline Vegan Diet Guide PDF for free.

Alkaline Vegan Healing Guide

The Alkaline Vegan Healing Guide is a book that talks about the importance of an Alkaline diet, and how it helps our body. The Alkaline Vegan is about Dr. Sebi’s Alkaline Vegan Diet concept for natural healing.

It focuses on How an Alkaline Diet is important for good health and why we should avoid Acidic Foods. As a research, there still isn’t enough scientific evidence to support the use of alkaline water as a treatment for any health condition.

Drinking natural alkaline water is safe since it contains natural minerals. Alkaline water has a higher pH level than that of plain tap water. So proponents say that it can neutralize acid in your bloodstream and help to recover your health. Some say that alkaline water can help prevent diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. However, more research is needed to verify these claims.

Alkaline Based Diet Plan

  • Fruits and vegetables, such as kiwi or broccoli are high in potassium or magnesium.
  • Certain grains, such as quinoa.
  • Certain nuts, seeds, and legumes, such as pumpkin seeds, cashews, or lentils.
  • Condiments, such as apple cider vinegar.


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