Anchor Roma Switches Price List 2023 PDF

Download Anchor Roma Products Price List – Latest Anchor Switches Catalogue PDF

In this post, you will get information regarding the current market prices of Anchor Roma Switches.


You can find a complete price list of Anchor Roma Switches by Panasonic, which you can also download in PDF format by the end of this article. This Anchor Roma Price List is another Anchor product catalogue.


Anchor Roma

Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian Electrical Equipment Company.  It is the largest manufacturer of modular and non-modular electrical switches in India. Aside from switches, it also manufactures low voltage switchgear, wires and cables, light, and fans among other things.

In 2007, a renowned Japanese company Panasonic acquired Anchor Electricals. With Panasonic’s cutting-edge technology and Anchor’s vast customer support network, Anchor Panasonic today delivers a seamless and vast range of innovative electrical, lighting, and ventilation products that exceed global standards.

With a constantly expanding product range and growing market share, Anchor is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of electrical construction materials.

Anchor Roma Switches Price List

Sr. No.Item CodeDescriptionMRP (Per N)Quantity
128910110AX, 1Way Switch, 1 Module116.0020N
228910210AX, 2Way Switch, 1 Module150.0020N
328910310AX, 1Way Switch with LED Indicator,
1 Module
428910410A, Bell Push Switch, 1 Module152.0020N
528910510A, Bell Push Switch with LED Indicator,
1 Module
628916120A, 1Way Switch, 1 Module179.0020N
728916220A, 2Way Switch, 1 Module197.0020N
828916320A, 1Way Switch with LED Indicator,
1 Module
928920110AX, 1Way Switch, 2 Module158.00 10N
1028920210AX, 2Way Switch, 2 Module178.0010N
1128920310AX, 1Way Switch with LED Indicator,
2 Module
1228920410A, Bell Push Switch, 2 Module172.0010N
1328920510A, Bell Push Switch with LED Indicator,
2 Module
1428926120A, 1Way Switch, 2 Module203.0010N
1528926220A, 2Way Switch, 2 Module226.0010N
Anchor Roma Price List

Download Anchor Roma Price List PDF

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4 thoughts on “Anchor Roma Switches Price List 2023 PDF”

  1. *Thirumazhisai Site Materials*

    *Switch Plate Sheets*

    2M – 12Nos
    3M – 3Nos
    4M – 2Nos
    8M – 12Nos
    12M – 2Nos

    *Switches & Sockets*

    5A Switch – 90Nos
    5A Socket – 30Nos
    15A Switch – 10Nos
    15A Socket – 5Nos
    25A Switch Type MCB – 5Nos
    25A Socket – 6Nos
    J Box Round Sheet 30Nos
    Angel Holder – 10Nos
    Switch Dummy – 60Nos
    2-Way Switch – 18Nos
    Bell Switch – 1Nos
    Water Proof Bell Switch with Box – 1Nos
    Calling Bell – 1Nos
    Fan Regulator – 10Nos
    Indicator – 2Nos

    *Black Star Screw*

    3/4″ – 3 Dozen
    1″ – 3 Dozen
    1 1/2″ – 3 Dozen
    2″ – 3 Dozen
    2 1/2″ – 3 Dozen


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