AutoCAD Commands List PDF Download

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AutoCAD Commands List

AutoCAD Commands
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This post contains all the basic to advanced a to z AutoCAD Commands along with their uses. The description provided in the PDF is easy to understand and can be helpful for beginners to gain information.


AutoCAD Commands List

AutoCAD is a commercial Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and drafting software application. This flagship product was developed by Autodesk Company in the year 1982 to enable high-quality technical drawings.

Right now, there are over 150 commands and shortcuts in AutoCAD. A user can simply type the command and the function window appears on the screen. Here are a few basic AutoCAD commands that are required to get started with the software.

AutoCAD Commands List

1AUDITCheck and remove errors from your work
2BEDIT/ BEOpen the block definition in the Block Editor
3BCLOSE/ BCClose the Block Editor
4CLOSEALLClose all of the open windows in AutoCAD
5CLOSEALLOTHERClose all open windows except for the one you are currently working on
6CO/ COPYCopy objects or text
7COLOR/ COLSet the color for new objects
8DI/ DISTANCEFind the distance between two points in a drawing  
9ERASE/ERemove or erase objects from a drawing
10ETRANSMIT/ ZIPCreate a Self-Extracting or Zipped file
11I/ INSERTInsert (existing block or drawing as a block)
12LISTAccess the properties of the different objects within a drawing
13MATLIBImport or export materials from a library
14MULTIPLERepeat any command without having to press Enter each time (Press Esc key to cancel)
15OOPSRestore the last object you deleted
16OP/ OPTIONSOpen the options window (contains the settings for AutoCAD)
17PASTECLIPPaste copied objects from the clipboard into your work
18PREVIEWSee how your work will be presented when printed
19QSAVEAutosave the file you’re working on
20RECOVERALLRecover and repair a corrupted or damaged drawing
21RO/ ROTATERotate an object
22SAVEALLSave all of the open drawings in AutoCAD
23SP/ SPELLPerform a spell check on selected text
24ST/ DDSTYLEOpen the text style window

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