Balbharti Science Practical Std 10 Book PDF

Balbharti Science Practical Book PDF


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Balbharti Science Practical Std 10 Book PDF

If you are looking for the Balbharti Science Practical Book Maharashtra Board PDF then you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we added a button to download the Balbharti Science Practical Book With Answer PDF for free.

Balbharti Science Practical Std 10 Book

Balbharati textbook solutions can be a core help for self-study and act as perfect self-help guidance for students. The practicals are usually conducted in the school lab and are conducted by the school teacher or a subject expert. The students are expected to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts learned in the classroom through hands-on experiments and activities.

Science Practical Topics Part 1

  • To Identify the chloride, bromide, and Iodide ions from the given salts.
  • To identify the type of reaction by studying the reaction and recording the observation.
  • Observe the following reactions and classify them into the types of combination, displacement, decomposition, and double displacement.
  • To study the magnetic field due to electric current flowing through the coil.
  • To study the effect of heat on ice by using a graph.
  • To measure the temperature of hot water during natural cooling and plot the graph of temperature versus time.
  • To study the anomalous behavior of water using Hope’s apparatus.
  • To verify the laws of refraction of light.
  • To trace the path of the rays of light through a glass prism and to find the angle of deviation for different angles.
  • To obtain the focal length of a convex lens.
  • To study the reactions of the metals Zn, Fe, Cu, and Al with the solutions of salts ZaSC), FeSO CuSO, Al,(SO), and to arrange these metals in the decreasing order of their reactivity.
  • To study oxidation and addition reactions of carbon compounds.

Science Practical Topics Part 2

  • To Study Mitosis and Meiosis.
  • To study binary fission in Amoeba and budding in Hydra with the help of permanent slides.
  • To study the reproductive system in Hibiscus Flower
  • To study the Human Reproductive System.
  • Comparative study of ecosystem in surroundings.
  • To study the characteristics of non-chordate animals like cockroaches & earthworms.
  • To study the characteristics of chordate animals like fish & pigeons.
  • To study the physical and chemical properties of acetic acids.
  • To study the characteristics of microbes.
  • Tstudy the biofertilizers-a. Azolla b. Anaheena c Azachter & Nostoc.
  • To perform the survey of our building regarding disaster management.
  • To show that carbon dioxide is evolved in the process of respiration.


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