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Bearded Dragon Diet Food List PDF Download

If you are looking for a Food Items for Bearded Dragon PDF, you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we added a button to download the PDF of the list of Vegetables and Fruits for Bearded Dragon’s Food for free.

Bearded Dragon Diet

The best Bearded Dragon diet for your pet will probably be varied. Since they are omnivores, they eat both plants and animals and can feed on a wide range of food, from live mealworms, king worms, and crickets to green vegetables such as parsley and kale and vegetables such as peppers and sweet potatoes.

You can also give them fruits in limited quantities. Today, we will share several vegetables, meats, weeds, greens, and fruits that can become a bearded dragon’s diet. Remember that your veterinarian is a great source of information about nutritional and other problems for bearded dragons and other exotic pets.

Bearded Dragon Food Items

Here we have shared the list of Live Food, Vegetables, and Fruits for your Bearded Dragon pet.

Live FoodVegetablesFruits
MealwormsAsparagus (Raw)Peaches
EarthwormsButternut squashStrawberries
ButterwormsYellow squashApricot
SilkwormsAcorn squashBlackberries
SuperwormsSpaghetti squashBlueberries
Wax wormsCeleryCherries
King wormsPeeled CucumberChayote
HornwormsYams (Raw)Figs
 Turnip greensGrapes
 Collard greensGrapefruit
 Mustard greensMelons
 Zucchini (Raw)Plum
 Okra (Raw)Watermelon
 Bell Peppers (Raw)Nectarine
 Cabbage (Raw)Prunes
 Artichoke HeartRaisins
 Bok choyPears
 Cooked Lentils 

If you want to download the List of Food Items for Pet Bearded Dragon PDF, then click on the download button provided at the end of this post.


Download the Bearded Dragon Food List PDF

To download the Bearded Dragon Food Items List PDF, click on the below download button. Within a few seconds, Bearded Dragon Food Menu PDF will be on your device.

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