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Welcome to our new post. In this post, we will provide you with a PDF of the Blouse Designs. You can find the Blouse Designs for sarees which you can also download in PDF format at the end of this post.


Blouse Design Book

Saree blouse designs play an important in the saree’s overall appeal. No matter how beautiful a saree is, an imperfect blouse model can ruin the look of your saree. The beauty of the saree accentuates only when it is matched with an appropriate blouse pattern in a perfect fit. 


A gorgeous saree is nothing without a suitable blouse to accompany it. Blouse style plays an incredible role in determining the overall look of a saree style. Indian sarees can be mixed and matched with different types of blouse patterns. One can achieve a different look each time by teaming a saree with different types of blouses. 

Types of Blouse Designs

The fashion in India has already crossed the boundaries, expanding to countless limits. When it comes to ladies’ fashion, one can easily fill the wardrobe with even a single style of clothing. These fashion trends have now found their way toward the traditional wear of Indian ladies. Here are some of the types of Blouse Designs enticing women to fill their wardrobes.

  1. Back Neck Blouses
  2. Backless Blouses
  3. Blouse Designs for Silk Sarees
  4. Blouse Models
  5. Blouse Neck Designs
  6. Blouse with Net on Back
  7. Boat Neck Blouse
  8. Boutique Blouses
  9. Bridal Saree Blouses
  10. Brocade Designs
  11. Celebrity Blouse Designs
  12. Cocktail Blouses
  13. Collar Neck Blouses
  14. Corset Blouses
  15. Cut Work Blouses
  16. Designer Blouses
  17. Elbow Length Sleeves Blouses
  18. Floral Blouses
  19. Formal Saree Designs
  20. Full Sleeve Designs
  21. High Neck Blouse Designs

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