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BSNL JTO Previous Year Question Paper PDF Download

If you are looking for BSNL JTO Previous Year Question Paper PDF, then you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we have added a button to directly download the PDF of BSNL JTO Sample Paper for free.

BSNL JTO Previous Year Question Paper

BSNL or Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited recruits every year JTOs or junior telecom Officers, basically in three major categories, Telecom, Civil and Electrical.

Some questions we have presented here and the rest of the questions you will get from PDF which will help you to improve your understanding for upcoming exams.

Q.1 A house served by a 220V supply light, is protected by a 9-Ampere fuse. The
maximum number of 60 W bulbs in parallel that can be turned on is
(a) 11 (b) 33
(c) 22 (d) 44

Q.2 An n-channel JFET has IDSS = 1 µA & VP =–5V. The maximum
transconductance is
(a) gm = 0.4 milli mho (b) gm = 0.04milli mho
(c) gm = 0.04 mho (d) gm = 0.4 millimilli mho

Q.3 The base to base resistance of a UJT is 6 K Ohm when the emitter current is
zero. If RB1 = 3.6 K Ohm, the intrinsic stand off ratio is
(a) n = 0.66 (b) n = 0.6
(c) n = 6.0 (d) n = 3.6

Q.4 A capacitor of 1µF initially charged to 10 V is connected across an ideal inductor
of 0.1 mH. The maximum current in the circuit is
(a) 0.5 A (b) 1 A
(c) 1.5 A (d) 2 A

Q.5 Silicon has a preference in IC technology because
(a) it is an indirect semiconductor
(b) it is a covalent semiconductor
(c) it is an elemental semiconductor
(d) of the availability of nature oxide SiO

Q.6 Three equal resistance of magnitude 5 Ohm each are connected in delta. The
resistance between any two pair of terminals of the delta will be
(a) 5 Ohm (b) 5/3 Ohm
(c) 10/3 Ohm (d) 3/5 Ohm

Q.7 The R.M.S. value of a half wave rectified sinusoidal alternating current with
peak value Im is
(a) Im/1 (b) mI / 2
(c) mI /2 (d) mI 3

Q.8 For a series resonant circuit, at the half power points,which of the following is
(a) Current is half of the current at resonance.
(b) Resistance is equal to the reactance.
(c) The impedance is half the impedance at the resonance.
(d) None of the above

Q.9 The lossless line of characterstics impedance 300 Ohm is terminated in a pure
resistance of 200 Ohm. The value of the standing wave ratio is
(a) 1.5 (b) 0.67
(c) 1.0 (d) 1.25

Q.10 The transient current in lossless L-C circuit when excited from an AC source is,
sine wave
(a) Critically damped (b) Underdamped
(c) Overdamped (d) Undamped


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