BTS World Tour 2023 Country List

BTS World Tour 2022 Concert Location & Country List PDF Download

In this post, you will get a complete list of BTS World Tour for the year 2022. You can find the list of the countries along with expected timelines where BTS will perform in the year 2022. The list can also be downloaded in PDF format by the end of this article.


BTS an acronym of Bangtan Sonyeondan or “Bangtan Boys” is a Grammy-nominated South Korean group that has been capturing the hearts of millions of fans globally.

Fans are mad behind BTS and follow the boys vigorously.


BTS World Tour

A popular name among music lovers (especially Millenials and GenZ), BTS has enlarged a huge fan base in the recent few years. The South Korean boy band was founded in 2010 and appeared to the public in 2013 under BigHit Entertainment.

Having sold over 32 million albums, BTS is the best-selling artist in South Korean history. Usually, the fans of BTS are denoted as “BTS Army”. It is an acronym that stands for “Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth.”

As per the sources, BTS announced the locations for their World Tour 2022. And for the surprise of Indian fans, your beloved BTS introduced their plans to visit India for a live concert. Although, the venues and the event locations are not yet finalized.

BTS World Tour Country List

Sr. No.BTS World Tour LocationsDates of Events (2022)
1Seoul (Korea) Olympic StadiumMarch 10
2Seoul (Korea)March 12
3Seoul (Korea)March 13
4Las Vegas (NV, US)April 8
5Las Vegas (NV, US)April 9
6Las Vegas (NV, US)April 15
7Las Vegas (NV, US)April 16
8Mumbai (India)August 2022 (Expected)
9Ahmedabad (India)August 2022 (Expected)
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BTS will travel to 10 Venues in Asia, 8 Venues in Europe, 11 Venues in the US, 3 Venues in Canada, and 2 venues in Latin America & Australia during their World Tour.

The dates for the events were rescheduled due to the pandemic outbreak. Therefore, BTS fans will have to wait for the announcement of the further dates of events.

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