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Business Communication MCQ with Answers PDF Download

If you are looking for Business Communication MCQs for All Semesters PDF, you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we have added a button to directly download the PDF of Managerial Communication MCQ with Answers for free.

Business Communication MCQ with Answers

Here we have shared the Multiple Choice Questions of Business Communications.

1. Communication is a ______________

  1. one-way process.
  2. two-way process.
  3. three-way process.
  4. four-way process.

2. Communication saves time in

  1. internal communication.
  2. interview.
  3. oral communication.
  4. schedule.

3. Realizing the potential of the self is part of the

  1. communication development.
  2. language development.
  3. skill development.
  4. personality development.

4. The term communis derived from ______________ word.

  1. Greek.
  2. Latin.
  3. Chinese.
  4. English.

5. Posters fall under ______________ communication.

  1. oral.
  2. visual.
  3. written.
  4. spoken.

6. On the ______________ it is possible to get immediate feedback

  1. letter.
  2. telephone.
  3. e-mail.
  4. fax.

7. A group discussion of a real life situation with in a training environment is ______________

  1. discussion.
  2. listening.
  3. case study method.
  4. all of the above.

8. The information the receiver gets is called ______________

  1. message.
  2. output.
  3. input.
  4. source.

9. Communication is the ______________ of business.

  1. Backbone.
  2. life blood.
  3. nervous system.
  4. both (1) & (2)

10. ______________ are welcome, for it is not obligatory to accept them.

  1. suggestion.
  2. order.
  3. courtesy.
  4. complaint

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