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Business Research MCQ PDF Download

If you are looking for Business Research MCQ PDF, then you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we added a button to download the PDF of Business Research Methods MCQ with Answers for free.

Business Research MCQ

Here we have shared some of the important Business Research MCQ with Answers.

  1. The __________research leads to the discovery of new theories and the development of existing theories.
  1.  exploratory
  2. experimental
  3.  Pure
  4.  applied

Answer: Pure

2A set of logically interrelated statements in the form of empirical assertions about properties of an infinite class of events or things is known as_____________

  1. concept
  2. construct
  3. Theory
  4.  hypothesis

Answer: Theory

3. ________research seeks to explain what is happening in a particular situation.

  1. ascriptive
  2. causal
  3. Formulative
  4. None

Answer: causal

4.________ research is a fact-finding investigation

  1. descriptive
  2. Formulate
  3. causal
  4. None

Answer: descriptive

5.___________ building broadly consists of observation, induction and deduction.

  1. concept
  2. construct
  3. Theory
  4. hypothesis

Answer: Theory

6. The__________ method consists of studying several individual cases and drawing generalizations.

  1.  Induction
  2. Reproduction
  3. deduction
  4. None

Answer: Induction

7. _______ follows an approach that is from “general to specific”.

  1. Retrodictions
  2. deduction
  3.  induction
  4. None

Answer: deduction

8. A _________ is an abstraction formed by generalizations from particulars.

  1. concept
  2. hypothesis
  3. Theory
  4. construct

Answer: concept

9. ________ research is a management tool that can be used for creating business strategies, managing production, and managing growth

  1.  educational
  2. Social
  3. descriptive
  4. business

Answer: business

10. A ________is a concept that is not directly observable.

  1. hypothesis
  2. Theory
  3.  concept
  4. construct

Answer: Construct

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