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This post will provide you, All CMD Commands for windows computers. CMD Commands are useful to handle system directories and manage devices that are executed from the command line interpreter.

CMD commands are widely used for administrating systems, troubleshooting and performing automated tasks via scripts and batch files.

So let’s move to A to Z CMD Commands List. You can download PDF, at the end of this post.


CMD Commands List

Below is the list of CMD Commands which will work for the operating system from windows 7 to 10 and Windows 11.

Below is the list of CMD Commands which will work for the operating system from windows 7 to 10 and Windows 11.

To view all CMD Commands through Command Prompt, you can follow below step.

  1. Search CMD at the start menu or press Windows Key + X.
  2. Then type help and hit enter button.

It will list all current active CMD commands.

The below table consists CMD Commands List in alphabetical order.

addusersUsed to add and list users in a CSV file
admodcmdUsed for bulk modifying contents in an active directory
arpAddress Resolution Protocol is used to map IP address to the hardware address
assocUsed to change associations for file extensions
associatOne step file association
atRun a command at a specific time
atmadmDisplay connection info of the ATM adapter
attribUsed to change file attributes
bcdbootUsed to create and repair a system partition
bcdeditUsed to manage boot configuration data
bitsadminUsed to manage the Background Intelligent Transfer Service
bootcfgUsed to edit boot configuration in Windows
breakEnable/Disable break capability (CTRL+C) in CMD
caclsUsed to change permissions of files
callUsed one batch program to call another
certreqUsed to request a certificate from a certification authority
certutilManage Certification Authority files and services
cdUsed to change folder (directory) or go to a specific one
changeUsed to change terminal services
chcpDisplays the number of active console code page
chdirSame as cd command
chkdskUsed to check and repair issues in the disk
chkntfsUsed to check the NTFS file system
choiceAccept user input (via keyboard) to a batch file
cipherUsed to encrypt/decrypt files and folder
cleanmgrUsed clean temp files and recycle bin automatically
clipCopy result of any command (stdin) to Windows clipboard
clsClear CMD screen
cmdUsed to start a new CMD shell
cmdkeyUsed to manage stored usernames and passwords
cmstpUsed to install or remove a connection manager service profile
colorChange the color of the CMD shell using options
compCompare contents of two files or two sets of files
compactCompress files and folders on an NTFS partition
compressCompress one or more files
convertConvert a FAT partition to NTFS
copyCopy one or more files to another location
coreinfoShow the mapping between logical and physical processors
cprofileCleans specified profiles of wasted space and disabled user-specific file associations
cscmdConfigure offline files on a client computer
csvdeImport or Export the data of an active directory

Download All CMD Commands PDF

To view CMD Commands Complete List, you can download PDF by clicking the below link.

The PDF has listed a to z CMD commands in alphabetical order.

PDF Preview


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