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Conduit Bending Chart PDF Download

If you are looking for a Conduit Bending Chart PDF then you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we added a button to download the Conduit Bending Cheat Sheet PDF for free.

Conduit Bending Chart

A conduit bending is a tool owned by nearly all electricians, Conduit Bender tool can be leased from home improvement centers or tool rental outlets. The first step in Conduit Bending is to bend a 90-degree to know how long the bend needs to be.

Measure the Conduit Bender straight up from the floor to the end of the conduit, it should be 12 inches. If the Conduit bend is less than 90 degrees, you can put it back in the Conduit bender and bend it a little more.

If you somehow end up with more than 12 inches on the horizontal, you can trim off the short end with a tubing cutter. Conduit bends, Bend up to a simple 90-degree, It can be understood and calculated using the geometry of a right triangle.

90° Bender Take-Up Table

Stub Height
( Amount to subtract from Measurement )
½” EMT5”
¾” EMT and ½” Rigid6”
1” EMT and ¾” Rigid8”
1-¼” EMT and 1” Rigid11”


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