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Congress Toolkit PDF Download

If you are looking for Congress Toolkit PDF, you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we have added a button to directly download the PDF of Congress Toolkit in 2023 for free.

Congress Toolkit Download

A toolkit by Congress on the COVID-19 pandemic is circulating in the media. Through this toolkit, the country can see how Congress is trying to strengthen its political ambitions when the country is facing a health crisis. The Congress is trying to defame the Government of India and thousands of people doing good work.”

Patra said that the said toolkit has a column on “the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi” and under that, there are instructions to “destroy his image and reduce his popularity”.

“At some level, the Congress is accepting that the PM has managed the crisis well, but the second wave of COVID-19 is an opportunity to tarnish the image of the prime minister,” he said.

Patra alleged that the toolkit “contains instructions on how to access international media coverage by a foreign correspondent in India, which can be specifically tailored to focus on Modi and his mismanagement”, and that “these foreign journalists and to liaise with and provide information to Indian oped authors in foreign publications” on talking points. He said it also directed “the use of dramatic photographs of funerals and bodies that are already being done by foreign media” and “facilitated journalists in various districts to obtain photographs by local cadres”.

Toolkits are not foreign to Congress and their ecosystem. In fact, a large part of their energy is spent on making them. Here’s a toolkit on Central Vista… They make a toolkit every week and “deny” it when exposed.

Disclaimer: This Congress Toolkit PDF has been created using the images shared by Sambit Patra, National Spokesperson of BJP, on his Twitter handle, We do not claim to own this or guarantee its genuineness.

If you want to download the Congress Toolkit on Covid-19 PDF, then click on the download button provided at the end of this post.


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