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Welcome friends, to our new post on the list of conjunction words, this post will provide you with types of conjunctions, all conjunctions with examples, conjunctions lessons, and important conjunction words. At the end of this post, you can download the list of Conjunction Words PDF.

People who are preparing for IELTS or other English learning need to have good command over conjunction. This post discusses the meaning of conjunctions, types of conjunction, and examples with sentences that assist in the application of conjunctions.


Conjunctions Words List

Conjunctions are the words that are used to connect two or more words, phrases, clauses, or sentences. Below some of the Conjunction words are given with examples.

Conjunction Example:

  • I am very thirsty, but the water bottle is empty.
  • I can run after the traffic pass away.

So, in the above sentences, But and After are the conjunction words that are used to join two different sentences.

Types of Conjunction Words

There are basically four types of conjunctions used.

Coordinating Conjunction Words

Coordinating Conjunction is used to connect items that are grammatically same: Two words, Nouns, Phrases, or Adjectives.

Sr. No.Coordinating Conjunction WordsSentences – Conjunction Examples
 1.ForHe needs to find a job, for he is unemployed.
2. AndMaria loves both ice cream and pizza.
3. NorNeither Tuesday nor Wednesday is good for the party.
4. ButShe scored good marks but she is not satisfied.
5. OrWhich fruit do you like: mango or apple?
6. YetShe dances well yet she hesitates to take part in the competition. 
7. SoHe is unwell so he will not come with us to the movie.

Subordinating Conjunction Words

Subordinating Conjunction is used to introduce a dependent clause and It showcases the relationship between an adverb clause and another clause.

Sr. No.Subordinating Conjunction WordsSentences – Conjunction Examples
1. AfterShe went to the parlour after lunch.
2. AlthoughAlthough the sun was shining it wasn’t warm.
3. AsShe can do her hairstyle as she wants.
4. As ifHe behaved as if he has lost it.
5. As long asThe dog would be cooperative as long as you fed him.
6. As much asHe likes football as much as he likes cricket.
7. As soon asAs soon as I get the details I will send the mail.
8. As thoughThe virus is spreading as though it will end the world.
9. BecauseHe did the task because he felt it was his duty.
10. BeforeThe baby sleeps before the massage.
11. EvenHe has never even heard the name of the city of Ohio.
12. Even ifEven if you perform your best, you won’t be appreciated.
13. Even thoughShe doesn’t want to give up even though she knows it won’t better the relation.
14. IfThey will party in the garden if the weather is good.
15. If onlyShe will feel better, if only she sees her son for a moment.
16. If thenIf it rains then we will be stuck in traffic.
17. In order thatShe will leave the party early in order that I get a cab.
18. Just asIt began to rain just as we got home.
19. LestHe spent whole days in his room, wearing headphones lest he disturbs anyone.
20. NowBoston is now a big city while earlier it was a small town.
21. Now sinceLet’s discuss the issue now since the manager is right here.
22. Now thatNow that everything is under control, the lockdown can be lifted.
23. OnceOnce I pick you up from school we can go to the restaurant.
24. ProvidedHe will behave properly provided you be polite to him.
25. Provided thatI will go to the party provided that she comes.
26. Rather thanBetter, ignore her questions rather than lie.
27. SinceIt’s a long time since they met.
28. So thatHe joined foreign language classes so that he could learn French.
29. SupposingHe was bluffed into believing his competitors were not prepared.
30. ThanThe old man lived for more than 100 years.
31. ThatThe yellow building you are seeing there, that is my house.
32ThoughThough they were whispering, their voices echoed in the hall.
33.TillShe waited at the coffee shop till 11 pm.
34. UnlessHe will not buy you a scooter unless you score good marks.
35. UntilYou will not get a driving licence until you turn 18.
 36.WhenWhen is your mother coming from Canada?
37. WheneverPlease share the details of your friend, whenever you get time.
38. WhereWhere is the bakery store?
39. Where isIf Ram is with this girl, where is his wife?
40. WhereasThe north has a hot climate whereas the south is cold.
41. WhereverEat healthy meals wherever possible.
42. WhetherShe seemed undecided about whether to stay or go.
43. WhichWhich is your favourite colour?
44. WhileHe did my task while I was away from the office.
45. WhoDo you know the person who is standing near the bookstore?
46. WhoeverWhoever wins will get a cash prize.
47. WhyWhy do people throw garbage on the streets?

Correlative Conjunction Words

Correlative conjunctions always come in a pair, and it used to connect two elements with the same grammar.

Sr. No.Correlative Conjunction WordsSentences – Conjunction Examples
1. As / AsHis scorecard was not as bad as I thought.
2. Both / andBoth the teams and their coaches worked hard.
3. Either/orEither eat the cake right now or it will be finished.
4. Hardly / whenHardly had he reached the stop when the bus started.
5. Neither / norNeither the children nor their parents attended the function.
6. No sooner / thanNo sooner had the teacher entered the classroom than the students kept quiet.
7. Not only / but alsoNot only should you mug up for exams but also understand the basic concepts.
8.Whether / orShe was confused about whether to wear pink or yellow for her engagement.
9. The More / The moreThe more he flattered his boss the more incentives he got.
10. So/ asHer poetry wasn’t so boring as he had thought.
11. Such / thatShe is such a beautiful actress that everyone is her fan.
12. Rather / thanHe would rather cook at home than go out for dinner.

Conjunctive Adverbs

Conjunctive adverbs are used to connect two sentences and It explains how the first sentence is related to the second sentence.

Sr. No.Conjunctive AdverbsSentences – Conjunction Examples
 1.After allAfter all the efforts we put in the result was not appreciable.
2. As a resultAs a result of the new job, he relocated to a new city.
3. ConsequentlyShe worked hard and consequently got a good appraisal.
4. FinallyThey quarrelled for hours and then finally there was all silence.
5. For exampleTake, for example, you are the CEO of Google. How will you help the nation?
6. FurthermoreShe was tired and cold, and furthermore she was hungry.
7.HenceSchools are closed due to lockdown. Hence, teachers are taking online classes.
8. HoweverHe will buy that car, however, he will have to use all his savings.
9. In additionIn addition, all his planning is paying off.
10. In factShe is taking advanced classes; in fact, she is an expert now.
11. IndeedA soldier’s life is indeed a difficult life.
12. InsteadWe cooked at home instead of going out.
13. LikewiseGrateful to him, she was likewise excited to go on a tour of Europe.
14. MeanwhileHe spent his time studying for Engineering and in the meanwhile, joined work at the bank.
15. IncidentallyIncidentally, have you seen the new shopping mall they are putting up?

Conjunction Words list PDF

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