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Cryogenic Grinding

Grinding is a process of reducing the size of solid materials by mechanical action, dividing them into smaller particles. Perhaps the most extensive application of grinding in the food industry is in the milling of grains to make flour, but it is used in many other processes.

Cryogenic Grinding
Process of Grinding

Grinding is an essential part of our daily life. The process of Grinding is so old that we don’t even know the proper origin. With time, different methods developed for the grinding. In, the old days grinding was done with stones. Currently, we are using the electric grinder, mixture. Crusher et cetera at home for different spices and grains.

As there were problems with old methods, new methods are found. The same happened to the current technology. To eliminate the problems like high heat generation, Introduction of tensile residual stress. Less tool life, Oxidation, Clogging and gumming of the mill with the conventional Grinding process Cryogenic Grinding Method is introduced.

Cryogenic Grinding

Cryogenic grinding, also known as freezer milling, freezer grinding is the act of cooling or chilling a material and then reducing it into a small particle size. The extremely low temperature is produced by using substances called “Cryogens” such as liquid nitrogen and liquid helium. There are several cryogenic liquids such as Nitrogen, helium, neon, argon, krypton, hydrogen, methane and liquefied natural gas, et Cetra. Liquid Nitrogen is the most commonly used.

More information about Cryogenic Grinding Technology can be found in the provided material.

Contents of Cryogenic Grinding Presentation

  • What is Grinding?
  • Grinding process & equipment
  • Problem with conventional Grinding process
  • Introduction of Cryogenic Grinding
  • Cryogens
  • General applications
  • Process of Cryogenic Grinding
  • Problem with conventional grinding of spices
  • Process flow chart of Cryogenic Grinding of spices
  • Pros and Cons of Cryogenic Grinding
  • Health hazards and precautions
  • Comparison between conventional grinding & cryogenic grinding
  • Conclusion

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