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Cyber Crime is a hot topic for school and college students for presentations. Here we have shared Cyber Crime PPT.

These Cyber Crime PPT will give you ideas for creating projects and presentations on Cyber Crime topics.

So let’s start with the introduction of Cyber Crime. But before that, we have shared PPT on Sustainable Development and the Internet of Things (IoT) you can also check this presentation.

Cyber Crime Project Presentation

Before moving to Cyber Crime Project PPT, let us understand the Cyber Crime word, which is made of 2 general words.

Cyber which means, Interment, Computer Network or Virtual World. While Crime means an offense that intently harms others for personal profit or revenge.

cyber crime ppt

So we can say, crimes which performed on the internet is called Cyber Crime. Majorly Cyber Crime accused hide themselves using advanced technology like masking and VPN, which help them to trace themselves on the internet.

With advancing, technology Cyber Crime has become more common and offensive. While by following some basic guidelines, we can protect ourselves from internet crime.

Piracy is the most common Cyber Crime nowadays. Piracy is sharing someone’s content free on the internet without consent.

Cyber Crime types are classified in the following ways.

Crimes that target networks or devices

  • Viruses
  • Malware
  • DoS Attacks

Crimes using devices to participate in criminal activities

  • Phishing Emails
  • Cyberstalking
  • Identity Theft

Cyber Crime PPT Download

As the younger generation more actively uses the Internet, it becomes vital for them to understand Cyber Crime. Presentation on Cyber Crime in schools and colleges is a great way to introduce students to Cyber Crimes.

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