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Arts and Drama Notes


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Drama and Art in Education B.Ed Notes PDF

Download Drama and Arts B.Ed Theoretical Notes PDF – Drama and Arts in Education Practical File Notes PDF

This post will provide a PDF of the Arts and Drama Study Notes. You can find B.Ed. Drama and Art Notes, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of the post.


Drama and Art in Education

The inclusion of art education in the school curriculum as a subject has certain important purposes apart from contributing to the overall development of the child’s personality.

  • Art education enables students to experience the joy of teaching-learning fully, appreciate and experience the beauty of the universe, and also helps in their mental development.
  • It also brings students closer to their environment to learn about their cultural heritage and inculcate respect for each other’s work.
  • Different art forms such as visual arts (drawing, painting), performing arts (dance, drama, and music) and traditional art and crafts, puppetry, etc. are introduced at different stages in the school curriculum which can help students to become confident, balanced, and well-groomed citizens.

Arts and Drama Notes Contents

Arts and Drama Notes


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