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Welcome to our new post. In this post, we will provide you with a PDF of the Electrical Plan Layout. You can find the complete Electrical Systems Layouts, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of this post.


Electrical Layout Plans

Successfully performing electrical work requires the ability to read and interpret many different
types of drawings and diagrams. Understanding circuit symbols and components is another one
of the basic building blocks needed to become an electrician.


If an electrician misinterprets a drawing or diagram when wiring a house, devices could be incorrectly installed or even missed altogether. Knowing how to properly take information from an electrical drawing or diagram and apply it to the real world is essential for electricians.

Electrical Symbols

SymbolComponent nameMeaning
Wire Symbols
electrical wire symbolElectrical WireConductor of electrical current
connected wires symbolConnected WiresConnected crossing
unconnected wires symbolNot Connected WiresWires are not connected
Switch Symbols and Relay Symbols
SPST switch symbolSPST Toggle SwitchDisconnects current when open
SPDT switch symbolSPDT Toggle SwitchSelects between two connections
push button symbolPushbutton Switch (N.O)Momentary switch – normally open
push button symbolPushbutton Switch (N.C)Momentary switch – normally closed
dip switch symbolDIP SwitchDIP switch is used for onboard configuration
spst relay symbolSPST RelayRelay open / close connection by an electromagnet
spdt relay symbolSPDT Relay
jumper symbolJumperClose connection by jumper insertion on pins.
solder bridge symbolSolder BridgeSolder to close connection
Ground Symbols
earth  ground symbolEarth GroundUsed for zero potential reference and electrical shock protection.
chassis symbolChassis GroundConnected to the chassis of the circuit
common digital ground symbolDigital / Common Ground 
Resistor Symbols
resistor symbolResistor (IEEE)Resistor reduces the current flow.
resistor symbolResistor (IEC)
potentiomemer symbolPotentiometer (IEEE)Adjustable resistor – has 3 terminals.
potentiometer symbolPotentiometer (IEC)
variable resistor symbolVariable Resistor / Rheostat (IEEE)Adjustable resistor – has 2 terminals.
variable resistor symbolVariable Resistor / Rheostat (IEC)
Trimmer ResistorPreset resistor
ThermistorThermal resistor – change resistance when temperature changes
Photoresistor / Light dependent resistor (LDR)Photo-resistor – change resistance with light intensity change
Capacitor Symbols
CapacitorCapacitor is used to store electric charge. It acts as short circuit with AC and open circuit with DC.
capacitor symbolCapacitor
polarized capacitor symbolPolarized CapacitorElectrolytic capacitor
polarized capacitor symbolPolarized CapacitorElectrolytic capacitor
variable capacitor symbolVariable CapacitorAdjustable capacitance
Inductor / Coil Symbols
inductor symbolInductorCoil / solenoid that generates magnetic field
iron core inductor symbolIron Core InductorIncludes iron
variable core inductor symbolVariable Inductor 
Power Supply Symbols
voltage source symbolVoltage SourceGenerates constant voltage
current source symbolCurrent SourceGenerates constant current.
ac power source symbolAC Voltage SourceAC voltage source
generator symbolGeneratorElectrical voltage is generated by mechanical rotation of the generator
battery cell symbolBattery CellGenerates constant voltage
battery symbolBatteryGenerates constant voltage
controlled voltage source symbolControlled Voltage SourceGenerates voltage as a function of voltage or current of another circuit element.
Meter Symbols
voltmeter symbolVoltmeterMeasures voltage. Has very high resistance. Connected in parallel.
ammeter symbolAmmeterMeasures electric current. Has near zero resistance. Connected serially.
ohmmeter symbolOhmmeterMeasures resistance
wattmeter symbolWattmeterMeasures electric power
Lamp / Light Bulb Symbols
lamp symbolLamp / light bulbGenerates light when current flows through
lamp symbolLamp / light bulb
lamp symbolLamp / light bulb
Diode / LED Symbols
diode symbolDiodeDiode allows current flow in one direction only – left (anode) to right (cathode).
zener diodeZener DiodeAllows current flow in one direction, but also can flow in the reverse direction when above breakdown voltage
schottky diode symbolSchottky DiodeSchottky diode is a diode with low voltage drop
varicap diode symbolVaractor / Varicap DiodeVariable capacitance diode
tunnel diode symbolTunnel Diode 
led symbolLight Emitting Diode (LED)LED emits light when current flows through
photodiode symbolPhotodiodePhotodiode allows current flow when exposed to light

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