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Feluda Samagra

Feluda is a fictional Bengali drama private investigator who starred in a series of Indian detective novels and fiction stories written by Bengali Indian writer and film director Satyajit Ray. Feluda first made his appearance in a Bengali children’s magazine called Sandesh in 1965, under the editorials of Satyajit and Subhas Mukhopadhyay. His first adventure was Feludar Goendagiri.


Feluda is often accompanied by his cousin who unofficially is also his assistant Tapesh Ranjan Mitter (affectionately called Topshe by Feluda), who serves as the narrator of the stories. In the sixth story, Sonar Kella (The Golden Fortress), the duo is joined by a popular thriller writer Jatayu (Lalmohon Ganguli).

Feluda Series

In the Feluda series, there are 35 published and four unpublished stories. Here is a list of a few of them.

Novel/storyEnglish titleFirst publication details
Tota Rahasya
(second draf
The Mystery of the ParrotSharadiya Sandesh
Tota Rahasya
(first draft)
The Mystery of the ParrotSharadiya Sandesh
Tintorettor JishuTintoretto’s JesusSharadiya Desh, 1982
Sonar KellaThe Golden FortressSharadiya Desh, 1971
Sheyal Debota RahasyaThe Anubis MysterySandesh, Summer issue, May—June 1970
Shakuntalar KanthahaarShakuntala’s NecklaceSharadiya Desh, 1988
Samaddarer ChabiThe KeySharadiya Sandesh, 1973
Royal Bengal RahashyaThe Royal Bengal MysterySharadiya Desh, 1974
Robertsoner RubyRobertson’s RubySharadiya Desh, 1992
Nayan RahasyaThe Mystery of NayanSharadiya Desh, 1990
Napoleoner ChithiNapoleon’s LetterSharadiya Sandesh, 1981
Londone FeludaFeluda in LondonSharadiya Desh, 1989
Kailashey KelenkariA Killer in KailashSharadiya Desh, 1973
Kailash Choudhury’r PatharKailash Choudhury’s JewelSharadiya Sandesh, 1967
Joto Kando KathmanduteThe Criminals of KathmanduSharadiya Desh, 1980
Joi Baba FelunathThe Mystery of the Elephant GodSharadiya Desh, 1975
Jahangirer SwarnamudraThe Gold Coins of JahangirSharadiya Sandesh, 1983
Indrajal RahasyaThe Magical MysterySandesh December 1995 – February 1996
HatyapuriThe House of DeathSharadiya Sandesh, 1979
Gosainpur SargaramThe Mystery of the Walking DeadSharadiya Sandesh, 1976
Gorosthaney SabdhanThe Secret of the CemeterySharadiya Desh, 1977
Golokdham RahasyaThe Mysterious TenantSandesh May—August 1980
Golapi Mukta RahasyaThe Mystery of the Pink PearlSharadiya Desh, 1989
Ghurghutiyar GhatonaThe Locked ChestSharadiya Sandesh, 1975
Gangtokey GondogolTrouble in GangtokSharadiya Desh, 1970
Feludar GoendagiriDanger in DarjeelingSandesh, December 1965 – February 1966
Ebar Kando KedarnatheCrime in KedarnathSharadiya Desh, 1984
Dr. Munshir DiaryDr. Munshi’s DiarySharadiya Sandesh, 1990
Darjeeling JamjomatMurder in the MountainsSharadiya Desh, 1986
Chhinnamastar AbhishapThe Curse of the GoddessSharadiya Desh, 1978
Bosepukure KhunkharapiThe Acharya Murder CaseSharadiya Sandesh, 1985
Bombaiyer BombeteThe Bandits of BombaySharadiya Desh, 1976
Bhuswargo BhayankarPeril in ParadiseSharadiya Desh, 1987

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