Form 15G for PF Withdrawal PDF Download – 2023

If you want to know and download Income Tax Form 15G, then you are at the right place.

At the end of this post, we have added a button to download Form 15G PDF for PF Withdrawal.

As per government guidelines, Bank deducts TDS when interest income is more than 40,000 rupees, for senior citizens aged above 60, this limit is 50,000 rupees.

But Indian citizens can save tax on interest income by filling Form15G and Form15H. In this post, we will only discuss regarding Form 15G. Form 15H is for senior citizens and has some different criteria.


Individuals need to follow the following conditions before filing Form 15G.

  • Form 15G is only for individuals Indian citizens, not for organizations or any firm
  • Age should be less than 60 years.
  • Total income tax should be zero.
  • Total interest income should be less than 2.5 lakhs for the current financial year.

Many people have questions that How to fill Form 15G for PF Withdrawal, So you can watch the below video to understand the process of filing Form 15G.

Form 15G PDF Download

To Download Form 15G PDF, just click on the below button. This PDF is taken from the official website of Income Tax India i.e.

To fill the Form 15G for PF Withdrawal, you will need to add the following detials.

  • Name of Assesse (Declarant)
  • Status (An individual or HUF)
  • Previous Year
  • Residential Status
  • Address details along with PIN code, email, and telephone number.
  • Whether assessed to tax under the income tax act, 1961?
  • If yes, the latest assessment year for which assessed – mention the latest year in which your income was above the taxable limit.
  • Signature

Do not submit Form 15G, if your income has to club with someone else. Interest income from an FD for a non-earning spouse or a child has to be clubbed with the income of the depositor.

PAN of the depositor is mandatory and TDS should be deducted in the name of the depositor.

If you still have confusion with the process of filing Form 15G, you can contact a tax expert or CA for further explanation.

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