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Freedom Fighters of India Name List PDF

If you are looking for Freedom Fighters of India Names with Contribution PDF, you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we have added a button to directly download the PDF of Freedom Fighters of India during the British Period for free.

Freedom Fighters of India Name List

Here we have shared the Freedom Fighters of India List with their Birth and Death Dates.

Name of PersonalityContributionBirth- Death
Maruthu PandiyarFirst to issue a proclamation of independence from the colonial British rule in act1748 – 1801
Bal Gangadhar TilakFirst leader of the Indian Independence Movement1856 – 1920
Vasudev Balwant PhadkeDeccan Rebellion1845 – 1883
Anant Laxman KanhereShooting of British officer Jackson1891 – 1910
Krishnaji Gopal KarveShooting of British officer Jackson1887 – 1910
Bagha JatinThe Howrah-Sibpur conspiracy case, Indo-German Conspiracy1879 – 1915
Batukeshwar DuttCentral Assembly Bomb Case 19291910 – 1965
Ram Prasad BismilKakori conspiracy1897 – 1927
Bhagat SinghCentral Assembly Bomb Case 19291907 – 1931
Udham SinghShooting in Caxton Hall1899 – 1940
Hemu KalaniSabotage of railway track1923 – 1943
V. O. Chidambaram PillaiWrote many fiery songs kindling patriotism and nationalism during Indian Independence movement1872 – 1936
Subramania BharatiFirst leader of the Indian Independence Movement1882 – 1921
Khudiram BoseThe Muzaffarpur killing, one of the youngest revolutionaries in the India. At the time of his hanging, he was 18 years, 8 months 8 days old1889 – 1908
Chandra Shekhar AzadKakori conspiracy1906 – 1931
Chittaranjan Dasfounder of Swaraj party in Bengal, leader in Non-cooperation Movement from Bengal1869 – 1925
Ashfaqulla KhanKakori conspiracy1900 – 1927
Sachindra BakshiKakori conspiracy1904 – 1984
Manmath Nath GuptaKakori conspiracy1908 – 2000
Bhagwati Charan VohraPhilosophy of the Bomb1904 – 1930
Madan Lal DhingraAssassination of Curzon Wyllie1883 – 1909
Alluri Sitarama RajuRampa Rebellion of 19221897 – 1924
Kushal KonwarTrain sabotage at Sarupathar1905 – 1943
Ganesh Damodar SavarkarArmed movement against the British1879 – 1945
Vinayak Damodar SavarkarFather of Hindu Nationalism1883 – 1966
Sukhdev ThaparCentral Assembly Bomb Case 19291907 – 1931
Shivaram RajguruMurder of a British police officer J. P. Saunders1908 – 1931
Roshan SinghKakori conspiracy, Bamrauli Action1892 – 1927
Pritilata WaddedarPahartali European Club attack1911 – 1932
Jatindra Nath DasHunger strike and Lahore conspiracy case1904 – 1929
Durgawati DeviRunning the bomb factory ‘Himalayan Toilets’1907 – 1999
Surya SenPresident of Indian National Congress Chittagong Branch, mastermind of Chittagong armoury raid1894 – 1934
Ananta SinghChittagong armoury raid1903 – 1979
Ganesh GhoshChittagong armoury raid1900 – 1994
Sri AurobindoAlipore bomb case1872 – 1950
Rash Behari BoseIndian National Army1886 – 1945
Ubaidullah SindhiSilk Letter Conspiracy1872 – 1944
Lokenath BalChittagong armoury raid1908 – 1964
Jogesh Chandra ChatterjeeKakori conspiracy1895 – 1969
Baikuntha ShuklaAssassination of Phanindra Nath Ghosh, a government Approver1907 – 1934
Ambika ChakrabartyChittagong armoury raid1892 – 1962
Badal GuptaAttack at Writers Building1912 – 1930
Dinesh GuptaAttack at Writers Building1911 – 1931
Benoy BasuAttack at Writers Building1908 – 1930
Rajendra LahiriKakori conspiracy1901 – 1927
Barindra Kumar GhoshAlipore bomb case1880 – 1959
Prafulla ChakiThe Muzaffarpur killing1888 – 1908
Ullaskar DuttaAlipore bomb case1885 – 1965
Bhupendra Kumar DattaMember of Anushilan Samiti1892 – 1979
Ramesh Chandra JhaSugauli police station robbery1925 – 1994
Hemchandra KanungoAlipore bomb case1871 – 1951
Basawon Singh (Sinha)Lahore conspiracy case1909 – 1989
Bhavabhushan MitraGhadar Mutiny1881 – 1970
Bina DasAttempted to assassinate the Bengal Governor Stanley Jackson1911 – 1986
Kalpana DattaIndian Independence Movement, also part of the Chittagong armoury raid planning1913 – 1995
Kartar Singh SarabhaMost famous accused in the Lahore conspiracy trial1896 – 1915
Shyamji Krishna VarmaFounded the Indian Home Rule Society, India House and The Indian Sociologist in London.1857 – 1930
Subhas Chandra BoseFounder of the Indian National Army1897 – 1945
Binod Bihari ChowdhuryChittagong armoury raid1911 – 2013
Bhupendranath DattaIndo-German Conspiracy, member of Anushilan Samiti1880 – 1861
Amarendranath ChatterjeeIndo-German Conspiracy1880 – 1957
Atulkrishna GhoshIndo-German Conspiracy1890 – 1966
Subodh RoyChittagong armoury raid, Tebhaga movement1916 – 2006
Begum Hazrat MahalIndian Rebellion 18571820 – 1879
Bakht KhanIndian Rebellion 18571797 – 1859
Maulvi Liaquat AliCaptured Khusro Bagh in Allahabad and declared “independence” of India1812 – 1892
Asaf AliIndian national movement1888 – 1953

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