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Game of Thrones Map PDF Download

If you are looking for a Game of Thrones Map PDF, then you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we have added a button to directly download the PDF of the Interactive Game of Thrones Map for free.

Game of Thrones Map

According to the Game of Thrones wiki: “George R.R. Martin has said in interviews that the continent is roughly the size of South America.” If this is true, it means that Westeros is approximately 17.8 million km2 while the British Isles is 0.3 million km2, making Westeros 60 times larger.

Game of Thrones Map

The Wiki of Ice and Fire states that “The Wall is a massive wall over 700 feet high and made of ice, which extends for 300 miles.” Wikipedia, on the other hand, states that: “Hadrian’s Wall was 80 Roman miles or 117.5 km (73.0 mi) long … [and some sections] were 5 to 6 m (16 to 20 ft) high.” Thus, the Wall of Westeros is at least 4 times as long and about 35 times as high as the actual Hadrian’s Wall.

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Download Game of Thrones Map PDF

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