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Godrej Modular Kitchen Price List PDF Download

Godrej Modular Kitchen Fittings Complete Product Description & Price List PDF – Godrej Interio Modular Kitchen Fittings prices.

Welcome to our new post. This post will provide you with a PDF of the Godrej Modular Kitchen Fitting Prices. You can find the complete latest price list of Godrej Modular Kitchenwhich you can also download in PDF format at the end of this post.


Godrej Modular Kitchen

Godrej Interio is an Indian furniture company, headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company began manufacturing furniture in 1923 with the Godrej Storewel cupboard. It is a furniture arm of Godrej & Boyce and a part of the diversified Godrej Group. It is a brand in both the home and institutional sectors, with a market share of 15 percent. Godrej Interio has more than 56 showrooms in 20 cities in India and 800 dealer outlets across India.


In October 2015, Godrej Interio launched U&US Home Design Studio to expand its customized branded furniture business. U&Us is the first Indian brand to have its specialized retail store format. It offers solutions for designing and building home interiors. In January 2020, the company entered the E-commerce space after launching an eCommerce website of Godrej Interio.

Godrej Modular Kitchen Prices

If you are looking for other products by Godrej, then we have also shared the Godrej Interio Catalogue and Godrej Safe Lockers Catalogue on our website. You can visit our website and search for the required content.

S.No.Product DescriptionUNSPSC CodeMRP (In Rs)
1Ergo Box drawer system 350mm (Grey)30162311SD000012738
2Ergo Box drawer system 400mm (Grey)30162311SD000022798
3Ergo Box drawer system 450mm (Grey)30162311SD000032945
4Ergo Box drawer system 500mm (Grey)30162311SD000043148
5Ergo Box drawer system 550mm (Grey)30162311SD000053268
6Ergo Box drawer system 500mm – Heavy (Grey)30162311SD000133549
7Ergo Box drawer system 550mm – Heavy (Grey)30162311SD000143678
8Ergo Box drw system 450mm Acrylic (Grey)30162311SD000113323
9Ergo Box drw system 500mm Acrylic Grey)30162311SD000123558
10Ergo box drawer system 450mm (White)30162311SD000922858
11Ergo box drawer system 500mm (White)30162311SD000942950
12Ergo box drawer system 550mm (White)30162311SD000953042
13Ergo box drawer system 500mm Acrylic (White)30162311SD000964148
14Ergo box drawer system 450mm (SS)30162311SD000973503
15Ergo box drawer system 500mm (SS)30162311SD000983872
16Ergo box drawer system 550mm (SS)30162311SD000994148
17Ergo box drawer system 500mm Acrylic (SS)30162311SD001005070
18Ergo Box Single Rail 350mm (Grey)30162311SD00057304
19Ergo Box Single Rail 400mm (Grey)30162311SD00058323
20Ergo Box Single Rail 450mm (Grey)30162311SD00059350
21Ergo Box Single Rail 500mm (Grey)30162311SD00060369
22Ergo Box Single Rail 550mm (Grey)30162311SD00061396
23Ergo Box Single Rail 450mm (White)30162311SD00049350
24Ergo Box Single Rail 500mm (White)30162311SD00050369
25Ergo Box Single Rail 550mm (White)30162311SD00051396
26Ergo Box Single Rail 450mm (SS)30162311SD00054954
27Ergo Box Single Rail 500mm (SS)30162311SD000551019
28Ergo Box Single Rail 550mm (SS)30162311SD000561092
29Ergo Box Double Rail 500mm (Grey)30162311SD00066867
30Ergo Box Double Rail 550mm (Grey)30162311SD00067867
31Ergo Box Double Rail 500mm (White)30162311SD00062867
32Ergo Box Double Rail 550mm (White)30162311SD00063940
33Ergo Box Double Rail 500mm (SS)30162311SD000642037
34Ergo Box Double Rail 550mm (SS)30162311SD000652185
35Back Connector – 142 mm (Grey)30162311SD00072184
36Back Connector – 185 mm (Grey)30162311SD00107230
37Back Connector – 142 mm (White)30162311SD00068184
38Back Connector – 185 mm (White)30162311SD00069230
39Back Connector – 142 mm (SS)30162311SD00070507


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