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24 Auxiliary Verbs List PDF – All Helping Verb List with Example PDF Download Free

Welcome to our new post. In this post, we will provide you with the Helping Verbs List. You can find the list of 24 Auxiliary Verbs which you can print and also download in PDF format by the end of this post.

This post will be useful for the students to understand the topic through some examples.


Helping/Auxiliary Verbs

Helping verbs are defined as verbs that help the main verb in a sentence by extending its meaning. They add detail to the main verb and are needed to complete the structure of a sentence.


They can also clarify how time is conveyed in a sentence. As a result, helping verbs are used to create complicated progressive and perfect verb tenses. Learn about the two types of helping verbs (auxiliary and modal) and review examples of each.

24 Helping Verbs List

Here is a list of 24 Helping or Auxiliary Verbs with a few examples in the form of sentences.


Here are a few examples of the helping verbs in the form of sentences. The bold words display the helping verb used in the sentence.

  • am having another piece of pizza.
  • She is making dinner for us now.
  • They are planning to go out of town.
  • She was given the grand prize.
  • We were pleased to be included.
  • Will you be going?
  • I’ve been running for over an hour.
  • have grown tomatoes before.

Download 24 Helping Verbs List PDF

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