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Hettich India Products Price List PDF Download for Kitchen & other Accessories

Welcome to our new post. In this post, we will provide you with the Hettich Price List PDF. You can find the complete price list of Hettich Products, which you can also download in PDF format by the end of this post.



Hettich India

The Hettich Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of furniture fittings. The company’s headquarters are located in the eastern Westphalian town of Kirchlengern, Germany. The company was founded in 1888 by Karl Hettich. The Hettich Group is entirely family-owned and currently has 38 subsidiaries worldwide.

With numerous innovations and never-ending new ideas, Hettich has driven forward trends that help to shape the flexibility and multifunctionality of today’s furniture concepts. Hettich specializes in manufacturing a range of products such as assembly machinery, hinges, drawer & runner systems, office hardware systems, and connecting fittings.

Hettich Products Price List

Here is a small list of the latest Hettich Products Prices.

#Item NameItem DescriptionMRP (in Rs.) per pair/set
1Slide on HingeBase 12.5 (Crank 0°) with Mounting Plate (D 1.5 mm)94
2Slide on HingeBase 5 (Crank 9.5°) with Mounting Plate (D 1.5 mm)99
3Intermat 9943 HingeBase 3 (Crank 9.5°) with Mounting Plate (D 0 mm)334
4Intermat 9943 HingeBase 12.5 (Crank 0°) with Mounting Plate (D 0 mm)302
5Intermat 9956 HingeBase 12.5 (Crank 0°) with Intermat Mounting plate940
6Sensys 8645i HingeBase 12.5 (Crank 0°) with Mounting Plate (D 0 mm)616
7Sensys 8631i HingeBase 12.5 (Crank 0°) with Mounting Plate (D 0 mm)666
8Sensys 8657i HingeBase 12.5 (Crank 0°) with Mounting Plate (D 0 mm)1350
9Sensys 8638i HingeBase 12.5 (Crank 0°) with Mounting Plate (D 0 mm)923
10Onsys 4477 HingeOnsys Hinge – 25 mm – 0 Crank with
mounting plate and cover caps
11HIN – Ball Bearing HingeSS 304 (4’’ x 3’’ x 3) without screws – Bulk pack838
12Glass Door hingeGlass Door hinge ET 150 nickel matt for inset door1448
13Obsidian Black Sensys 8645i HingeBase 12.5 (Crank 0°385
14Obsidian Black Sensys 8645i HingeBase 3 (Crank 9.5°)411
15Accessories of Sensys HingeSystem 8099 Sensys Cross Mounting Plate with
eccentric CAM D 0 mm in Black
16Accessories of Sensys HingeSensys Screw-on Linear Mounting Plate with
eccentric CAM D 0.5 in Black
17Accessories of Sensys HingeSensys Cover Cap for Hinge Arm in Black17
18Accessories of Sensys HingeSensys Cover Cap for Hinge Cup T52/53 in Black26
19HIN – Ball Bearing HingeSS 304 Hinge 4″x3″x3 Round Corner0838
20HIN – Ball Bearing HingeSS 304 Hinge 5″x3″x3 Round Corner1024
21Lift Advanced HFInside Carcass Height 440-550 mm7874
22Lift Advanced HFInside Carcass Height 551-610 mm7874
23Lift Advanced HFInside Carcass Height 611-700 mm7874
24Lift Advanced HFInside Carcass Height 701-770 mm7874
25Lift Advanced HF19mm Alu. Frame Adapter458
26Lift Advanced HKInside Carcass Height 276 – 720 mm6296
27Lift Advanced HK19mm Alu. Frame Adapter616
28Lift Advanced HLInside Carcass Height 403-462 mm7874
29Lift Advanced HLShortenable Rod 600931
30Lift Advanced HLShortenable Rod 18002194
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With a rough estimate, the cost of a Hettich Modular Kitchen can start from 1.25 lakh and go anywhere up to 6 lakh depending on various factors like what the choice of your products are, how many accessories you require, what the shape of your kitchen is, etc.


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