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Indian Railway’s latest complete route map PDF Download – Indian Railways Map and Zones PDF

Welcome to our new post. In this post, we will provide you with the Indian Railways Route Map. You can find the complete route map of Indian Railways which you can also download in PDF format by the end of this post.


Indian Railways

The Indian Railways was founded on May 8, 1845 and in these 172 years it has become one of the busiest yet lowest-cost travel modes for the passengers. Today, Indian Railways is the largest rail network in Asia and the world’s second largest has over 70,000 passenger coaches and more than 11,000 locomotives.


The Indian Railways carry over 23 million passengers daily – equivalent to moving the entire population of Australia – connecting more than 7,172 stations. As in 2020, the route length of Indian Railways covered 67,956 kms with running track length of 99,235 kms. The total trackage including yards, sidings etc. stood at 1,26,366 kms.

Indian Railway – 19 Zones

The Indian Railways is divided into 19 zones and 70 divisions. Here is a list of the 19 zones.

Sr. No.Railway ZonesRoutes (in km)Headquarters
1Central (CR)3905Mumbai
2East Central (ECR)3628Hajipur
3East Coast (ECoR)2572Bhubaneswar
4Eastern (ER)2414Kolkata
5North Central  (NCR)3151Allahabad
6North Eastern (NER)3667Gorakhpur
7North Western (NWR)           5459Jaipur
8Northeast Frontier  (NFR)3907Guwahati
9Northern (NR)6968Delhi
10South Central (SCR)5803Secunderabad
11South East Central  (SECR)2447Bilaspur
12South Eastern (SER)2631Kolkata
13South Western  (SWR)3177Hubli
14Southern (SR)5098Chennai
15South Coast (SCoR)3496Vishakhapatnam
16West Central (WCR)2965Jabalpur
17Western (WR)6182Mumbai
18Kolkata Metro (MTP)39Kolkata
19Konkan Railway (KR)741Navi Mumbai

Download Indian Railways Map PDF

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