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Indian Railways PPT

Indian Railways (IR) is a statutory body under the ownership of the Ministry of Railways, the Government of India which operates India’s national railway system. It manages the fourth largest national railway system in the world by size, with a total route length of 67,956 km (42,226 mi) as of 31 March 2022. 52,247 km (32,465 mi) or 83% of all the broad-gauge routes are electrified with 25 kV 50 Hz AC electric traction as of 1 April 2022.


In FY20, Indian Railways carried 808.6 crores (8.086 billion) passengers and in FY 22, Railways transported 1418.1 Metric Tonnes of freight. It runs 13,169 passenger trains daily, on both long-distance and suburban routes, covering 7,325 stations across India. Mail or Express trains, the most common types of trains, run at an average speed of 50.6 km/h (31.4 mph).

Suburban EMUs run at an average speed of 37.5 km/h (23.3 mph). Ordinary passenger trains (incl. mixed) run at an average speed of 33.5 km/h (20.8 mph). The maximum speed of passenger trains varies, with the Gatimaan Express running at a peak speed of 160 km/h (99 mph).

Contents of Indian Railways PPT & PDF

The material we have provided contains the topic given below:

  • History of Indian Railways and its origin
  • Current Railway network map and status
  • General Features of Indian Railways
  • Some interesting facts about Indian railways.
  • International trains from India

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