Jaquar Catalogue with Price List 2023 PDF Download

Jaquar Bathroom Fittings and solutions catalogue and Price List PDF Download

Welcome to our new post. In this post, we will provide you with a PDF of the Jaquar Catalogue. You can find the catalog and price list of Jaquar fittings, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of this post.


Jaquar Catalogue

Jaquar’s vision is to be the brand that inspires people worldwide to rediscover the joys of water and light. A global Superbrand, its Complete Bathroom Solutions include a wide range of products that have beautifully designed aesthetics to make the bathroom a relaxing, refreshing, joyful space, as well as the highest build quality to ensure that they can withstand tough usage conditions, backed by a 10-year warranty and dependable customer care.


In lighting too, the brand offers Complete LED Lighting Solutions – for residential, commercial, and outdoor use. Designed to be compatible with, and complement, every interior, and exterior design aesthetic or décor, every lighting product reflects Jaquar’s impeccable record of superlative quality and painstaking attention to detail.

Jaquar Price List

Here is a small list of the prices of Jaquar Sanitarywares and fittings.

Jaquar Sanitary Ware Price List

Jaquar Sanitary ware List Price (in Rs.)Jaquar Sanitary ware List Price (in Rs.)
Single piece-WC Size:370x690x795 mm31,700Bidspa Rimless Single Piece-WCSize: 380x725x690 mm37,500
Bidspa Prime Single PieceSize : 400x775x550 mm1,10,00019Rimless Single Piece WCSize : 380x725x690 mm19,500
Bowl for Coupled WCSize:365x630x750 mm17,350Rimless Bowl with cisternSize: 380 x 610 x 805 mm17,900
Rimless Bowl with CisternSize: 420X710X810 Mm25,500Jaquar SINGLE PIECE-WC PriceSize:360x640x685 mm17,100
Single piece-WCSize:370x690x680 mm12,400Bowl with Cistern for Extended Wall Hung WC8,600
EWC with P TrapSize: 365x560x400 mm3,450EWC with Wall Hung Cistern, Drainage L Bend Pipe5,350

Jaquar Wall Hung Price List

Jaquar Water Closet DetailsPrice (in Rs.)Jaquar Water Closet PricePrice (in Rs.)
Rimless Back to Wall WcSet Size: 410X570X420 Mm17,500Rimless, Blind  Wall Hung WC – Black Matt Size:360x500x33516,200
Wall Hung WCSize:360x500x38014,200Rimless, Blind Installation Wall Hung WCSize : 345x490x36014,200
Rimless, Blind Installation Wall Hung WC – Black MattSize: 375x520x400 5,700Jaquar Rimless Wall Hung WC Size:360x545x380mm11,500
Wall Hung-BidetSize: 360x570x345 mm13,300Rimless Blind Installation Wall Hung WCSize:355x525x380 mm17,300

Jaquar Wash Basin Price List

Jaquar Table Top ImagesPrice (in Rs.)Jaquar Basin Price DetailsPrice (in Rs.)
Jaquar Wall Hung BasinSize: 610X465X275 mm12,600TABLE TOP BASINSIZE: 600x460x195 mm9,750
Thin Rim Table Top Basin – Black MattSize: 525x415x140mm8,400Counter Top BasinSize: 600x400x175mm6,090
Counter Top BasinSize:505x435x175 mm7,000Jaquar Table Top Basin PriceSize : 575x430x175 mm20,290
Thin Rim Table Top BasinSize : 420x420x140 mm5,350Wall Hung Integrated BasinSize : 490x450x375 mm9,700
Table Top BasinSize: 470 x 470 x 110mm5,750Counter Top BasinSize: 545 x 545 x 180mm6,500
Thin Rim Table Top BasinSize: 600x410x100 mm6,490Wall Hung Basin with Full PedestalSize: 560 x 470 x 190mm7,050
Wall Hung Basin with Half PedestalSize: 560 x 470 x 190mm6,500Counter Top BasinSize:570x420x180 mm9,000
Thin Rim Table Top BasinSize: 450x450x110mm5,900Wall Hung Corner BasinSize: 310x450x170mm5,150

Download Jaquar Catalogue 2022 PDF

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