Jaquar Water Heater Catalogue PDF Download

Jaquar Water Heaters Models and Price List PDF Download – Download Jaquar Geysers Brochure PDF

Welcome to our new post. This post will provide you with a PDF of the Jaquar Geysers Model Names. You can find the Jaquar Water Heaters Price List & Catalogue, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of this post.


Jaquar Water Heater

With Jaquar’s bathroom geysers, you can enjoy the experience of a warm and relaxing bath either in a bathtub or in a shower. Choose your preferred temperature and enjoy a hot shower as you please! Jaquar’s hot water heater and instant water geysers are of premium quality that come with comprehensive safety measures. Jaquar also assists you in installing the Elena water heater, and in answering any questions on how a digital water heater functions!


With a multi-function safety valve and cordless leakage, Jaquar instant water geysers are made with materials of the highest quality. This hot water heater is also corrosion free and comes in different designs and capacities (in litres). There are numerous benefits of a hot shower, and with a perfect bathroom hot water geyser, you are a step closer to enjoying a relaxing shower.

We have also shared the catalogue of Jaquar’s overall Product range. If you are looking forward to customising your bathrooms, then you may check out the complete product range from Jaquar. You can visit our website and search for the required content.

Jaquar Water Heaters Price List

Here is a list of the top water heaters of Jaquar in all types of price ranges.

Latest Jaquar Water Heater ModelsPrice
Jaquar Elena 25 Litres Storage Water HeaterRs. 8,310
Jaquar Elena 15 Litre Storage Water GeyserRs. 7,300
Jaquar Elena 6 Litres Water HeaterRs. 5,734
Jaquar Elena 10 Litres Storage Water HeaterRs. 6,594
Jaquar Alexa 20 Litre Storage Water GeyserRs. 16,600
Jaquar Elena Digital 25 Litre Storage Water GeyserRs. 11,450
Jaquar Elena Prime 15 Litre Storage Water HeaterRs. 7,800
Jaquar Insta 3 Litre Storage Water GeyserRs. 3,035
Jaquar Elena ELM-WHT-025 Storage Water HeaterRs. 8,500
Jaquar Elena Digital 15 Litre Storage Water GeyserRs. 10,000
Jaquar Insta 1 Litre Storage Water Geyser Rs. 3,600

Download Jaquar Water Heater Catalogue PDF

You can download the Jaquar Water Heaters Designs and Prices PDF from the download button given below.

We hope you find this helpful content and are able to download the PDF for the Jaquar Water Heaters Catalogue.


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