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Kerela Liquor Price List 2023 PDF Download

Download Whisky, Rum, Vodka, and Beer Bottle and Quarter Price List in Kerela PDF – Latest Complete Liquor List in Kerela

Welcome to our new post. This post will provide you with a PDF of the Kerela Liquor Prices. You can find the latest liquor price list in Kerela, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of this post.


Kerela Liquor Prices

The Kerala government ratified the new liquor policy for the next fiscal. The new policy facilitates the manufacturing of liquor and wine from locally available fruits, opens up new retail outlets and permits liquor licence at IT parks.

As per the new policy, the state-run liquor retailer, BEVCO, will be allowed to open more outlets across Kerala. At present, the state has 306 liquor retail outlets. The high court has pulled up BEVCO several times to reduce the rush at these outlets and provide better facilities to consumers.

We have also shared Punjab Liquor Price List and West Bengal Liquor Price List on our website. Please visit our website and search for the required content.

Kerela Liquor Price List

Sr. NoPack (in ml)Item NameMRP
1.750No.1 Mc Dowell’s Brandy620/-
2.750No.1 Honey Bee Brandy620/-
3.750Mc Dowell’s No.1 Celebration Luxury xxx Rum580/-
4.750Old Monk Select xxx Premium Rum850/-
5.750Royal Arms Premium Vsop Brandy780/-
6.750Mc Dowell’s Green Label The Rich Blend Whisky730/-
7.750JB Brandy460/-
8.750Magic Moments Premium Grain Vodka1010/-
9.750Classic Grandee Matured xxx Rum560/-
10.750Mansion House French Brandy910/-
11.750MGM Orange Kiz Vodka620/-
12.750Radico Morpheus xo Blended Rare Brandy1230/-
13.750Golconda Brandy560/-
14.750Officer’s Choice Deluxe Brandy710/-
15.750Officer’s Choice xxx Rum720/-
16.750Everyday Gold XXX Rum550/-
17.750Xo Old Port Rum570/-
18.750Old Pearl No.1 Matured xxx Rum590/-
19.750Jamaican Magic Rum540/-
20.750Bacardi Limon Original Citrus Rum1440/-
21.750White Mischief Classic Indian Brandy640/-
22.750Diamond Deluxe xxx Rum510/-
23.750Normandy’s Daddy Wilson Pure Blended Rum630/-
24.750Kyron Premium Brandy French Blend1220/-
25.750Bagpiper Deluxe xxx Rum600/-
26.750Mc Ocr Premium Rum600/-
27.750Mc Dowell’s Vsop Deluxe Blended Brandy900/-
28.750Nicol’s Black & Gold French Brandy VSOP1210/-
29.750Signature rare Aged Whisky1410/-
30.750DSP Black Deluxe Whisky980/-
31.750Mc Dowell’s Caesar Genuine Blended Brandy1200/-
32.750Peace Maker Rum510/-
33.750Smirnoff Vodka1300/-
34.750Hercules Special Reserve 3 x Rum750/-
35.750Radico 8 PM Bermuda xxx Rum510/-
36.750Mc Dowell’s No.1 Reserve Whisky1000/-
37.750Bacardi Guava Original Guava Rum1550/-
38.750Jolly Roger Premium xxx Rum910/-
39.750Johar’s xxx Rum510/-
40.750Officers’ Choice Prestige Whisky690/-
41.750Johar’s Fine Brandy510/-
42.750Papillon Reserve Brandy850/-
43.750Bagpiper Gold Premium Whisky980/-
44.750Louis Vernant xo Blended Premium Brandy1310/-
45.750Legend Rare Brandy720/-
46.750Royal Challenge Select Premium Whisky1410/-
47.750Rare Honour Premium Rum630/-
48.750Magic Moments Remix Flavoured Vodka Chocolate1110/-
49.750Bacardi Carta Blanca Classic Superior White Rum1420/-
50.750Snj No.1 Premium xxx Rum560/-
51.750Magic Moments Remix Smooth Flavoured Vodka Orange1150/-
52.750Peace Maker Brandy510/-
53.750Antiquity Blue Ultra Premium Whisky1750/-
54.750Mood Maker Brandy540/-
55.750Old Monk White Rum1000/-
56.750Old Habbit Brandy900/-
57.750Joie De France Vsop Premium Brandy750/-
58.750Royal Palace Premium Xo Brandy810/-
59.750After Dark Deluxe Whisky1290/-
60.750Bacardi Classic Black Original Premium Crafted Rum1090/-

Beer Prices

Rowdy super strong beer13010090
Blockbuster super strong beer13010090
Flying monkey premium strong beer150110100
Bira 91 blonde summer lager beer140110100
Original bira91 white beer170130110
Bira91 gold wheat strong beer170140 
Budweiser premium king of beers14012090
Budweiser premium international beer15012090
Budweiser magnum premium international beer16014090
Budweiser magnum king of beers170150100
Kolt grand strong beer100110 
Sterren 7 strong beer110  
Sterren 6 premium strong beer130  
Spiel extra strong beer150  
Sterren 7 classic strong beer130  
Kingfisher strong premium beer 100 
Kingfisher ultra lager beer14011080
Heineken lager beer160150110
Kingfisher ultra premium malt beer150120100
Amstel bier premium strong beer140120110
Bullet superior strong beer110  
Hoegaarden witbier  160
Foster’s gold strong beer12011070
Knock out high punch super strong beer11011070
Foster’s special brew10010070
Haywards 2000 gold premium strong beer10011070
Haywards 5000 extra strong premium beer12012090
Snj 10000 super strong beer909060
High voltage super strong beer10010070
British empire ultra premium beer12011090
Kaltenberg hefe weissbier170160110
Kaltenberg pils bier160150110
Kaltenberg royal lager bier150140110
Beck’s ice super strength13013090
Corona extra premium beer  160
Power 10000 super strong beer11090 
Black fort super strong beer130100 
Hunter refreshing strong premium beer14012090
Legend premium super strong beer120100 
Som’s power cool1000  
Som woodpecker handcrafted wheat beer140120 
Woodpecker handcrafted premium strong beer170140120
Woodpecker irish red ale beer200170130
Woodpecker apple cider beer, woodpecker wheat kraft beer200170130
British empire wheat deluxe strong beer13013090
Simba roar edition extra strong premium beer140130 
Simba wit belgian-style witbier 150110
London pilsner premium strong beer110  
Zingaro premium strong beer120  
Bullet extra strong beer100  
Amstel bier premium strong beer140120 


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