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Lead Acid Battery Working Principle, Construction PPT & PDF Free Download – Basic Introduction to Lead Acid Battery Presentation Download

Welcome to our other new post. In this one, we have provided a free PPT & PDF on one of the most used batteries Lead Acid Battery. The PPT & PDF shared by us also includes Lead Acid Battery Construction, Working & Advantages.

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Lead Acid Battery

The Lead Acid Battery was first invented in 1859 by french physicist Gaston Planté. Lead Acid Batteries are the first rechargeable batteries.


A lead acid battery consists of a negative electrode made of spongy or porous lead. The lead is porous to facilitate the formation and dissolution of lead.

The positive electrode consists of lead oxide. Both electrodes are immersed in an electrolytic solution of sulfuric acid and water.

Lead Acid Batteries Uses

Lead Acid Batteries are used in the following industry.

  • Car batteries (starting, lighting and ignition)
  • Golf carts
  • Powered wheelchairs
  • Solar power
  • Batteries for camping
  • caravanning, and recreational vehicles
  • Marine batteries
  • Backup batteries for UPS systems and emergency lighting
  • Fire and security alarm backup batteries
  • Portable target mechanisms for firing ranges
  • Temporary traffic signals
  • Motorcycle batteries

Download Lead Acid Battery PPT & PDF

To download Lead Acid battery Presentation PPT and PDF to your device just click on the below button. You can use below files for your academic purposes.

Content of Lead Acid Battery Presentation

The above presentation includes the following topics.

  • Introduction
  • Working principle of lead acid battery
  • Parts and construction of the lead acid battery
  • Chemical reaction during the charging and discharging process
  • Advantages of lead acid battery
  • Disadvantages of lead acid battery
  • Application of lead acid battery

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