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List of Contractions PDF Download

If you are looking for a List of Contractions PDF, then you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we have added a button to directly download the PDF of Contractions with Expanded Form for free.

List of Contractions

Contractions are shortened forms of words or phrases created by combining two words, often through the omission of one or more letters.

  1. What Are Contractions? Contractions – a brief explanation of their role in language.
  2. Contractions in Action Examples – how contractions are used in sentences.
  3. Subject + Verb Contractions Common contractions with subject and verb combinations.
  4. Pronoun Contractions Contractions formed with pronouns for easy reference.
  5. Auxiliary Verb Contractions Common contractions with auxiliary verbs like “is,” “am,” “are,” etc.
  6. Not Contractions Contraction words formed by combining “not” with verbs.
  7. Modal Verb Contractions Contractions with modal verbs, such as “can,” “could,” “would,” etc.
  8. Have and Had Contractions Contractions involving “have” and “had.”
  9. Negation Contractions Contractions used to create negative sentences.
  10. Common Contractions in Conversations Everyday contractions you’re likely to encounter in spoken language.
  11. Formal Writing and Contractions Guidelines on using contractions in formal documents.
  12. Avoiding Misunderstandings Instances where contractions may lead to confusion.
  13. Practice Exercises Sentences with missing contractions for learners to complete.
  14. Using Contractions Appropriately Dos and don’ts of using contractions in writing and speech.

They are widely used in casual conversation, writing, and even formal communication. Understanding contractions is essential for improving language comprehension and fluency. Here’s a list of common contractions with suitable headings:

ContractionsExpanded Form
don’tdo not
won’twill not
shouldn’tshould not
couldn’tcould not
wouldn’twould not
isn’tis not
aren’tare not
doesn’tdoes not
haven’thave not
hadn’thad not
wasn’twas not
weren’twere not
it’sit is
I’mI am
he’she is
she’sshe is
they’rethey are
we’rewe are
you’reyou are
that’sthat is
who’swho is
what’swhat is
how’show is
let’slet us
I’llI will
he’llhe will
she’llshe will
we’llwe will
you’llyou will
they’llthey will
I’veI have
we’vewe have
you’veyou have
they’vethey have

Understanding and using contractions can enhance language fluidity and improve communication. Remember to use them contextually, and be mindful of their appropriateness in various settings.


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