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List of Cyclones in India PDF Download

If you are looking for a List of Cyclones in India PDF, you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we have added a button to directly download the PDF of Names of Recent Cyclones in India for free.

List of Cyclones in India

Here we have shared the list of the Most Disastrous Cyclones in India in the past 50 years.

YearName of CycloneRegion
1970Bhola CycloneBay of Bengal
1990Super Cyclonic storm BOB 01Bay of Bengal
1999Odisha CycloneBay of Bengal
2002Cyclone BOB 03Bay of Bengal
2005Cyclone PyarrBay of Bengal
2008Cyclone Storm NishaIndian Ocean
2009Cyclone PhyanArabian Sea
2012Cyclone NilamBay of Bengal
2013Cyclone PhailinBay of Bengal
2014Cyclone HudhudBay of Bengal
2016Cyclone VardahBay of Bengal
2018Cyclone TitliBay of Bengal
2019Cyclone FaniBay of Bengal
2019Cyclone BulbulBay of Bengal
2020Cyclone AmphanBay of Bengal
2021Cyclone TauktaeArabian Sea
2021Cyclone YaasBay of Bengal
2021Cyclone GulabArabian Sea
2021Cyclone JawadBay of Bengal
2022Cyclone AsaniBay of Bengal
2022Cyclone SitrangBay of Bengal
2022Cyclone MandougBay of Bengal

If you want to download the Cyclones Names and Details of India then click on the download button provided at the end of this post.


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