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List of Satellites Launched by India PDF Download

If you are looking for a List of Satellites Launched by India Till Date PDF, then you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we added a button to download the PDF of the List of Satellites Launched by ISRO for free.

List of Satellites Launched by India PDF

List of Indian Satellites: It is recommended for students appearing for various government competitive examinations to go through the List of Indian Satellites Launched In India thoroughly.

Year of LaunchSatellite NameImportance
1975AryabhataLaunched by the first developmental launch of SLV3 and carried a solid-state camera.
1979BhaskaraIFirst experimental remote sensing satellite that carried TV and microwave cameras.
1979Rohini Technology PayloadThe first Indian launch vehicle.
1980Rohini RS1India’s first indigenous satellite launch.
1981Rohini RSD1Launched by the first developmental launch of SLV3 and carried a solidstate camera.
1981Ariane Passenger Payload ExperimentFirst experimental communication satellite.
1981BhaskaraIISecond experimental remote sensing satellite.
1982INSAT1AFirst operational multipurpose communication and meteorology satellite.
1983Rohini RSD2Carried a smart sensor camera.
1983INSAT1BVery successful. Revolutionized TV, radio, and telecommunications.
1987SROSS1Less Accomplishment.
1988IRS1AEarth observation satellite.
1988SROSS2Less Accomplishment.
1988INSAT1CLess Accomplishment.
1990INSAT1DStill operational.
1991IRS1BEarth observation satellite.
1992SROSSCCarried gammaray astronomy and aeronomy payload.
1992INSAT2DTIt was launched as Arabsat 1C.
1992INSAT2AFirst satellite in the secondgeneration Indianbuilt INSAT2 series.
1993INSAT2BSecond satellite in INSAT 2 series.
1993IRS1EEarth observation satellite.
1994SROSSC2Less Accomplishment.
1994IRSP2Earth observation satellite. Launched by second developmental flight of PSLV.
1995INSAT2CStill in operation. Has television outreach beyond Indian boundaries.
1995IRS1CEarth observation satellite.
1994IRSP2Earth observation satellite.
1996IRSP3Earth observation satellite.
1997INSAT2DInoperable since 19971004 due to power bus anomaly.
1997IRS1DEarth observation satellite.
1999INSAT2EMultipurpose communication and meteorological satellite.
1999IRSP4 OCEANSATEarth observation satellite carrying a Multifrequency Scanning Microwave Radiometer (MSMR)and an Ocean Colour Monitor (OCM).
2000INSAT3BMultipurpose communication satellite.
2001GSAT1Experimental satellite for the first developmental flight of GSLVD1.
2001Technology Experiment Satellite (TES)Experimental satellite to test new reaction control system, hightorque reaction wheels, and attitude and orbit control system.
2001INSAT3CDesigned to provide continuity of the services of INSAT2C and augment the existing INSAT capacity for communication and broadcasting.
2002Kalpana1 (METSAT)First meteorological satellite built by Indian Space Research Organisation.
2003INSAT3AMultipurpose satellite for communication, broadcasting, and meteorological services along with and Kalpana1 and INSAT2E.
2003GSAT2Experimental satellite for the 2nd developmental test flight of GSLV.
2003INSAT3ECommunication satellite to augment the existing INSAT System
2003RESOURCESAT1 (IRSP6)Most advanced Remote Sensing Satellite
2004EDUSAT (GSAT3)India’s first satellite exclusively for education
2005HAMSATMicrosatellite for radio services to national and international community
2005CARTOSAT1Earth observation satellite
2005INSAT4ADirecttohome(DTH) TV broadcasting
2006INSAT4CGeosynchronous communications satellite
2007CARTOSAT2Remote sensing satellitecarrying panchromatic camera
2007SRE1 (Space Capsule Recovery Experiment)Test satellites to show an orbiting platform for performing tests in microgravity conditions
2007INSAT4BSimilar to INSAT4A
2007INSAT4CRIdentical to INSAT4C
2008IMS1Lowcost microsatellite
2008Chandrayaan1India’s first lunar probe
2009RISAT2Radar imaging satellite
2009ANUSATResearch Microsatellite developed by Anna University
2009Oceansat2Collects oceanographic, coastal and atmospheric data
2010GSAT4Communications satellite technology which failed during the mission
2010CARTOSAT2BEarth observation/remote sensing satellite.
2010GSAT5P /INSAT4DMission failed
2011RESOURCESAT2Remotesensing satellite
2011INSAT4GCband communication satellite
2011YouthsatIndoRussian stellar and atmospheric satellite
2011GSAT12communication satellite
2011MeghaTropiquesIndoFrench collaborative effort to research on water cycle in the atmosphere
2012RISAT1First indigenous allweather Radar Imaging Satellite
2012GSAT10advanced communication satellite
2013SARALMission for oceanographic studies
2013IRNSS1ASeven spacecraft constituting the IRNSS space segment
2013INSAT3Meteorological Satellite
2013GSAT7Advanced multiband communication satellite dedicated for military purpose
2013Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)India’s first Mars orbiter
2014GSAT14Geostationary communication satellite
2014IRNSS1BSecond satellite in the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System
2014IRNSS 1CThird satellite in the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System
2014GSAT16communication satellite
2014IRNSS1DFourth satellites in the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System
2014GSAT6Communication satellite
2015AstrosatIndia’s first dedicated multiwavelength space Observatory
2015GSAT15Communications satellite, carries GPS Aided GEO Augmented Navigation (GAGAN) payload
2016IRNSS1EFifth satellite in the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System
2016IRNSS1FSixth satellite in the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System
2016IRNSS1GSeventh and final satellite in the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System
2016CARTOSAT2CEarth observation remote sensing satellite
2016INSAT3DRAn advanced meteorological satellite of India configured with an imaging System and an Atmospheric Sounder.
2016SCATSAT1Miniature satellite to give climate anticipating, tornado expectation, and tracking services to India.
2017CARTOSAT2DThe highest number of satellites (104 satellites) launched by a single launch vehicle.
2018CARTOSAT 2FCartoSat2F is the 6th satellite in the Cartosat series to be built by ISRO.
2018MICROSAT TDThis satellite is a technology demonstrator and the forerunner of future satellites.
2018INS 1CThis is the third satellite in the Indian Nanosatellite series, which carried a Miniature Multispectral Technology Demonstration (MMXTD) Payload.
2018GSAT 6AThis satellite is a high power Sband communication satellite configured around I2K bus.
2018IRNSS 1IThis satellite is the 6th in the series and facilitates GPS navigation.
2018GSAT29This satellite facilitates highthroughput communication.
2018HySYSIt facilitates Hyperspectral imaging services for agriculture, forestry, and military applications.
2018ExseedSat11st privately funded satellite of India.
2018GSAT11Heaviest spacecraft of India.
2018GSAT7AFacilitates services for Indian Army and Air Force.
2019MicrosatRThis satellite facilitates Earth imaging for defense purposes.
2019KalamSATV2It is the world’s lightest satellite.
2019GSAT31This is a highthroughput Telecommunication Satellite.
2019EMISATThis facilitates Electromagnetic intelligence to track any enemy radars for the IAF.
2019Chandrayaan2India’s second lunar exploration mission.
2019Cartosat3Cartosat3 is one of the optical satellites with the highest resolutions in the world.
2020GSAT30GSAT30 is the 41st communication satellite launched by ISRO to replace INSAT4A. It provides advanced telecommunication services to the entire Indian subcontinent.
2020EOS01It is an earth observation satellite.


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