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In this post, we are going to share Log and Antilog Table PDF to download.

Log table is used to find the Logarithmic Function of the given number.

The logarithmic function is defined as an inverse function to exponentiation. The logarithmic function is stated as follows

For x, a > 0, and a≠1,

y= loga x, if x = ay

Then the logarithmic function is written as:

f(x) = loga x

Antilog is also known as the Anti-Logarithms of a number is the inverse technique of finding the logarithm of the same number.

If x is the logarithm of a number y with base b, then we can say y is the antilog of x to the base b.

If logb y = x

Then, y = antilog x

It becomes complicated to calculate log for different numbers every time, so we refer to the log table.

Every number consists of 2 parts.

  • Characteristic Part (digits before decimals)
  • Mantissa Part (digits after decimals)

Log & Antilog Table PDF Download

Log table for 1 to 10 numbers is as follows.

Common Logarithm to a Number (log10 x)Log Values
Log 10
Log 20.3010
Log 30.4771
Log 40.6020
Log 50.6989
Log 60.7781
Log 70.8450
Log 80.9030
Log 90.9542
Log 101

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You can refer to the below video to understand the process to find the log number.

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