MAKAUT BCA New Syllabus 2023 – PDF Download

WBUT (West Bengal University of Technology) now know as MAKAUT, This page consists of MAKAUT BCA New Syllabus 2021.

MAKAUT stands of the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology have more than 190 affiliated colleges. It is one of the most popular universities in the West Bengal state.

Bachelor’s of Computer Application (BCA) is 3 years undergraduate course consists of 6 semesters. The tenure of every semester is less than 5 months. BCA courses have subjects like database, data structure and core programming languages (python, PHP, etc).

BCA subjects vary from one to another college, the syllabus depends on the institute. Some institutes may have new subjects like digital marketing.

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MAKAUT BCA New Syllabus 2021

MAKAUT uses the credit system and the final result is based on total credit gain. You can view the below table, which consists of the semester numbers and their respective credit.


Now we will see the MAKAUT BCA subjects semester-wise and their credits. With every subject, there is a category and a course code is given.

MAKAUT BCA Semester 1

Sl. No.CategoryCourse CodeCourse NameCredits
1CC1BCAC101 BCAC191Programming for Problem Solving Programming for Problem Solving Lab  6
2CC2BCAC102 BCAC192Digital Electronics
Digital Electronics Lab
3AECC-1BCAA101Soft Skills2
4GE-1 Any one from GE basket.6

MAKAUT BCA Semester 2

Sl. No.Categor yCourse CodeCourse NameCredits
1CC3BCAC201Discrete Structure6
2CC4BCAC202   BCAC292Computer Architecture
Computer Architecture Lab
3AECC-2BCAA201Environmental Science2
4GE-2 Any one from GE basket.6

MAKAUT BCA Semester 3

Sl. No.CategoryCourse CodeCourse NameCredits
1CC5BCAC301 BCAC391Object Oriented Programming
Object Oriented Programming Lab
2CC6BCAC302 BCAC392Operating System
Operating System Lab
3CC7BCAC303 BCAC393Data Structure and Algorithm
Data Structure Lab
4SEC-1BCAS301Value and Ethics of Profession2
5GE-3 Any one from GE basket.6

MAKAUT BCA Semester 4

Sl. No.CategoryCourse CodeCourse NameCredits
1CC8BCAC401 BCAC491Database Management System
Database Management System Lab
2CC9BCAC402 BCAC492Software Engineering
Software Engineering Lab
3CC10BCAC403 BCAC493Python Programming
Python Programming Lab
5GE-4 Any one from GE basket.6

MAKAUT BCA Semester 5

Sl. No.CategoryCourse CodeCourse NameCredits
1CC11BCAC501 BCAC591Internet Technology
Internet Technology Lab
2CC12BCAC502 BCAC592Computer Networking
Computer Networking Lab
3DSE-1BCAD501A. Cloud Computing
B. Design & Analysis of Algorithm
C. Information & Coding Theory
D. Numerical and statistical Methods
E. GUI Programming with .NET
F. Theory of Computation
G. Combinatorial Optimization
H. Information Security
4DSE-2BCAD581Industrial Training & Minor Project6

MAKAUT BCA Semester 6

Sl. No.CategoryCourse CodeCourse NameCredits
1CC13BCAC601 BCAC691Unix and Shell programming
Unix and Shell programming Lab
2CC14BCAC602Cyber Security6
3DSE-3BCAD601A. Introduction to Data Science
B. Introduction to AI and Machine C. Learning
D. Digital Image Processing
E. Digital Marketing.E-Commerce
F. Advanced Database and PL/SQL
G. Soft Computing
4DSE-4BCAD681Major Project & Grand Viva6

MAKAUT BCA Syllabus PDF Download

To download MAKAUT BCA New Syllabus PDF, please click on the below download button. This 2021 syllabus PDF is taken from the official website of MAKAUT.


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