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22509 Management MCQs with Answers


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Management (22509) MCQs with Answer PDF Download

If you are looking for Management 22509 MCQs with Answers PDF, then you are in the right place.

At the end of this post, we have added a button to directly download the PDF of Management MCQs with Answers for free.

Management MCQs with Answers

Management is a common subject for all branches in the last year of the Diploma in Engineering.

This Management MCQs with Answers PDF is ideal for all students in the 3rd year of the Diploma in Engineering Course.

The exams for the Management subject are held online every year. We have prepared a probable set of 30 important questions from the previous year’s papers.

With this MSBTE Management MCQ, candidates can practice for their upcoming online Management exam.

  1. Business firm Produce and supply wide varieties of goods and _ required by the
    A) Money
    B) Services
    C) Entities
    D) Social Service
  2. The year 1991 is famous for.
    A) New Fiscal deficit policy
    B) IT parks initiated in Bangalore
    C) Globalization policy, liberalization was accepted by India
    D) Policies of cooperative societies changed
  3. The primary sector includes all of the following except.
    A) Forestry
    B) Manufacturing
    C) Mining
    D) Agriculture
  4. product comes under petrochemical industry.
    A) Vehicles
    B) Plastic
    C) Wood
    D) Paper
  5. Management causes.
    A) Miss-communication
    B) Wastage of resources
    C) Miss-coordination
    D) None of the above
  6. Skill is needed at the top level management.
    A) Technical
    B) Conceptual and technical
    C) Conceptual
    D) Conceptual, Technical and human
  7. is recruitment of right people at right place in an organization.
    A) Planning
    B) Organizing
    C) Staffing
    D) Controlling
  8. Policy making in an industry is a role of
    A) Management
    B) Administration
    C) Public
    D) Workers
  9. Scientific management works on
    A) Research and experimentation
    B) Trial and error
    C) More attention on production only
    D) Tradition management theory
  10. What is Espirit De Corps ?
    A) It is a function of management
    B) It is a principle of management
    C) It is management concept in Russia
    D) It is a name of company


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