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Material Management Presentation PPT Download for Free – Function, Role, Types, Production & Introduction of Material Management PPT

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Material Management Presentation

Material Management is an approach for planning, organizing, and controlling all those activities principally concerned with the flow of materials into an organization.

The scope of Materials Management varies greatly from company to company and may include material planning and control, production planning, Purchasing, inventory control, in-plant materials movement, and waste management.


The major challenge that materials managers face is maintaining a consistent flow of materials for production. There are many factors that inhibit the accuracy of inventory which results in production shortages, premium freight, and often inventory adjustments.

The major issues that all materials managers face are incorrect bills of materials, inaccurate cycle counts, un-reported scrap, shipping errors, receiving errors, and production reporting errors. Materials managers have striven to determine how to manage these issues in the business sectors of manufacturing since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

Material Management Advantages

Here is a list of some of the advantages of material management.

  • Reduced operating costs and timely production.
  • Greater job satisfaction on the part of both the workers and the employer.
  • Every inch of the space is properly utilized.
  • The issue of materials is also facilitated.
  • •t helps in maintaining effective production planning and control

Contents of Material Management PPT

The PPT shared by us on Material Management consists following points.

  • Definition
  • Objective and importance
  • Principles of material management
  • Functions of material management
  • Materials – Quality and Quantity
  • Value analysis
  • Purchasing
  • Vendor development
  • Buying techniques
  • Purchasing cycles and procedure
  • Advantages of material management

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