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Medieval India

The medieval era in Indian history begins from the decline of the Vedic era at the end of the 6th century until the 12th century. During the period, a large number of kingdoms flourished in the region. Great cities were developed and prospered. Religion, military & politics formed the basis of city planning.

The Mauryan and Gupta dynasty in the north, Cholas and Pandavas in the south, Aghom dynasty of Assam, Rajputs of Rajasthan, Hoslaya dynasty of  Karnataka, and various other smaller empires existed at the time.

Surat, Hampi, and Masulipattanam were the major towns in India during the medieval period.

Medieval India Map

Here is a map of India during the Medieval Period.


The map highlights the major dynasties and major cities of India during medieval times, while the blue lines depict the flow of rivers.

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