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Welcome to our new post. In this post, we will provide you with Powerpoint Presentation on Meme Marketing. You can find the PPT and PDF on Meme Marketing at the end of this post. This presentation will help you learn marketing skills through Memes and provide you with some useful insights.



Meme Marketing Presentation

Memes are the hieroglyphs of the internet. On the surface, they’re just funny images. But they’re actually a way for people to express a whole range of emotions. And they’re relatable and shareable too. According to The NYU Dispatch, traditional marketing graphics have 5% engagement while memes can yield 60% organic engagement with ten times higher reach. 

Meme marketing is where brands take popular memes and adjust the text statement to be more relevant to their brand, whilst still being funny and retaining the original meme characteristics. Meme marketing is a powerful tool that helps brands to fulfill marketing goals, such as spreading awareness or promoting a brand or product

Benefits of Meme Marketing

Here are some key benefits of Meme Marketing.

  • Low effort, high rewards– Memes are really low in effort but high in rewards as they’re super sharable and people love to engage with them.
  • Appeal to younger audiences- According to a report by YPulse, 38% of young adults follow meme accounts on social media, and almost 55% of consumers in the age bracket of 13-35 send memes every week.
  • They’re relevant– Social media is fast-moving. People want to see what’s relevant, and what’s trending, and then they move on to the next thing.
  • High engagement- Memes can be highly engaging to the audience. The attractive templates are easy to draw the attention of people.

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