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Mivan Shuttering Material List PDF Download

If you are looking for Mivan Shuttering Material List PDF, you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we have added a button to directly download the PDF of the Mivan Construction Material List for free.

Mivan Shuttering Material List

Here we have shared the Components of Mivan Frameworks.

The components of Mivan formwork are divided into different types based on the location of use.

1. Wall Components

A. Wall Panel

The basic and major component of Mivan formworks is the wall panels. It forms the face of the wall made out of an aluminum sheet properly cut to fit the exact size of the wall.

B. Rocker

A rocker is an L-shaped panel having allotment holes for stub pins to support the wall panels.

C. Kickers

It acts as a ledge to support the wall panels by forming a wall face at the top of the panel.

D. Stub Pin

2. Beam Components

A. Beam Side Panel

It is a rectangular structure cut into the required size of the beam which forms the sides of the beams.

 B. Prop Head and Panel for Soffit Beam

In the beams, where there is no support from the bottom, prop heads are used to support the beam. It has a V-shaped head for easy dislodging of the formwork.
A soffit beam panel is a rectangular aluminum structure placed in the prop head to support the soffit beams.

3. Deck Components

A. Deck Panels

A horizontal flat surface upon which the slab is cast.

B. Deck Prop and Prop Length

The deck prop is the same as that of the beam deck prop, here it is used to support the slab and bears the load coming on the deck panel.
Prop lengths are the vertical support to the deck prop which are adjustable as per the slab height.

C. Soffit Length

The soffit length provides support to the edge of the deck panels at the perimeter of the room.

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