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MRM Mabati Rolling Mills Product Guide & Price List PDF Download Free

Welcome to our new post. In this post, we will provide you with a PDF of the price list of MRM Mabati. You can find the latest Mabati Rolling Mills Price List and Product guide which you can also download in PDF format at the end of this post.


Mabati Rolling Mills

Mabati Rolling Mills Limited (MRM) is the largest company within the Safal Group, and was its founding operation, commencing in 1962 at Mariakani, near Mombasa Kenya.


Mabati was the first company in Africa to produce coated steel using a patented Aluminium-Zinc alloy recognized as the leading technology worldwide to deliver superior service life to steel. This technology is licensed to the Safal Group by BIEC International and is branded ZincAl.

MRM has an integrated Coated steel facility at Mariakani producing world class Coated and Painted Coated Steel products from which it manufactures a plethora of prestigious building solutions in its facilities across Kenya.

MRM Mabati Price List

Here are some of the price ranges of MRM Mabati Products.

S.No.Type of Iron SheetPrice of Mabati (in Kenyan Shilling)
1Imarisha Mabati Wave Tileavailable from sh.680
2Imarisha Mabati Bamboo TileSh.680/metre
3Versatile Taifa Mabatiabout sh.680
4Box Profile Matteabout sh.585/metre
5Royal Mabati Corrugated Glassabout sh.420 for 30 gauge
6Plain Sheet Glossyabout sh.385
7Alloy Zinc Mabatiabout sh.330
8Marine Boards Spyabout sh.2400
9Clear Roofing Sheetsabout sh.1500
10MRM’s Zentile Mabati (28-gauge)about sh.945
11Orientile & Versatile Mabati (28-gauge)about sh.980
12Elegantile Mabatiabout sh.1000
13Eurotile Matteabout sh.750
14Roman Longtile Matteabout sh.750
15Versatile Maisha Colored Roofing Ridesabout sh.780 for 28-gauge

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