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NCERT Biology MCQ with Answers Class 12 PDF

If you are looking for NCERT Biology MCQ Previous Year Questions, you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we have added a button to directly download the PDF of Biology NCERT Questions and Answers for Practice for free.

NCERT Class 12 Biology MCQ with Answers

Here we have shared some of the Questions and Answers for NCERT Biology Class 11 and 12.

What is the function of the filiform apparatus in an angiospermic embryo sac?
(a) Brings about opening of the pollen tube
(b) Guides the pollen tube into a synergid
(c) Prevents entry of more than one pollen tube into a synergid
(d) None of these

Which of the following groups is formed only of the hermaphrodite organisms?
(a) Earthworm, tapeworm, housefly, frog
(b) Earthworm, tapeworm, sea horse, housefly
(c) Earthworm, leech, sponge, roundworm
(d) Earthworm, tapeworm, leech, sponge

Which of the following options shows bisexual animals only?
(a) Amoeba, sponge, leech
(b) Sponge, cockroach, Amoeba
(c) Earthworm, sponge, leech
(d) Tapeworm, earthworm, honeybee

Read the following statements and select the incorrect one.
(a) Cucurbits and coconuts are monoecious plants.
(b) Papayas and date palms are dioecious plants.
(c) Leeches and tapeworms are bisexual animals.
(d) Sponges and coelenterates are unisexual animals.

Meiosis does not occur in
(a) asexually reproducing diploid individuals
(b) sexually reproducing haploid individuals
(c) sexually reproducing diploid individuals
(d) all of these.

A diploid parent plant body produces ________ gametes and a haploid parent plant body produces ________ gametes.
(a) diploid, haploid
(b) haploid, diploid
(c) diploid, diploid
(d) haploid, haploid

Which of the following organisms has the highest number of chromosomes?
(a) Housefly
(b) Butterfly
(c) Ophioglossum
(d) Onion

In maize, a meiocyte has 20 chromosomes. What will be the number of chromosomes in its somatic cell?
(a) 40
(b) 30
(c) 20
(d) 10

If a butterfly has chromosome number 360 in its meiocyte (2n). What will be the chromosome number in its gametes?
(a) 380
(b) 190
(c) 95
(d) 760

In flowering plants, both male and female gametes are non-motile. The method to bring them together for fertilization is
(a) water
(b) air
(c) pollination
(d) apomixis

In which of the following plants, sepals do not fall off after fertilization and remain attached to the fruit?
(a) Brinjal
(b) Cucumber
(c) Papaya
(d) Bitter gourd

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