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Welcome to our new post. In this post, we will provide you with a PDF of the new labor laws in the UAE. You can find the UAE New Labour Law which you can also download in PDF format at the end of this post.


UAE Labour Laws

Private-sector employers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) should review their policies and procedures following the biggest change to the law governing labor relations in the country since 1980.


Federal Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021 on the regulation of labor relations in the private sector came into force on 2 February 2022. . The law is designed to enhance employment rights and boost the competitiveness of the UAE as a place to live and work, helping the region to attract and retain world-class talent.

Recruitment & Employment Contracts

TopicPrevious positionNew Labour Law position
Employment contractsEmployees could be employed under either permanent or fixed-term employment contracts. All employees must sign a registered MoHRE (or relevant free zone) standard contract. Additional company contracts containing additional clauses optional.All employees must be employed on a fixed-term employment contract, not exceeding three years in length. Contracts can be renewed, and any renewal is included in a total period of service. Transition to fixed-term contracts must be completed by 1 February 2023. The requirement for MoHRE/free zone contract remains. However, changes can now be made to the MoHRE template contract and different forms exist depending on the type of visa/work model.
Models of workHistorically, only full-time employment was possible. Part-time working was introduced in 2019 with some further flexibility added as part of 2020 Covid regulations.New models of work introduced, including full-time part-time, for one or more employers temporary flexible remote working job-sharing employees, have the same entitlements, however, some of these may be pro-rated.
Probationary periodMaximum six-month probationary period, with no notice required from either party to terminate the employment.The maximum six-month probationary period remains. However, employers must give 14 days’ notice to dismiss. Employees must give:14 days’ notice to resign if they are leaving the UAEone month’s notice is required if they are leaving to join another employer in the UAEWhere an employee leaves during the probationary period to join another employer in the UAE (or returns to the UAE to work within three months), the old employer may claim the costs of recruitment from the new employer.
Non-competition restrictionsNon-competition clauses were permitted, with no stated maximum length. The maximum permitted length was generally considered to be 12 months.Non-compete clauses can be used and can last up to two years in length. The restriction must go no further than is necessary to protect a legitimate business interest requiring that it is limited in terms of geographical location, type of work, and length. The law sets out the circumstances in which post-termination restrictions will unenforceable including where, for example, the employer terminates the employment in breach of its legal obligations due to the employee. Restrictive covenants can be set aside where any of the following occur: the parties’ written agreement; the new employer or the employee pays up to three months’ compensation to the old employer (subject to the old employer providing their written consent); the employee is terminated during their probationary period; oras may be deemed appropriate in light of labor market needs.

You can find the other new laws issued by UAE for their labor in the PDF given below.

Download UAE New Labour Laws 2022 PDF

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