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Latest Nippon Paint Price List PDF Download for Exterior & Interior in Liters

Welcome to our new post. In this post, you will get information regarding the current market prices of Nippon Paints.

Nippon-Paints Price List
Nippon Paints

You can find a complete price list of Nippon Paints, which you can also download in PDF format by the end of this article.


Nippon Paints

Nippon Paint Holdings Co. Ltd. is a Japanese paint and paint products manufacturing company. It is the fourth largest paint manufacturer globally based on revenue in 2020.

The company was founded in 1881 by Jujiro Motegi under the name Komyosha. In 1898 the company was incorporated and renamed Nippon Paint Manufacturing, while in 1927 the company’s name changed to Nippon Paint.

The operations are held by NIPSEA Group, with its headquarters in Singapore. Today, NIPSEA Group has 65 manufacturing facilities and operations spanning more than 15 countries and regions.

Nippon Paint Price List

Here is a small list of the latest Nippon Paints Prices available for the customers.

Sr. No.Product NamePrice/Litre (in Rs)
1921 Clear789
2841 Ultra Clear833
3Universal Hardener1215
4221 2K Clear550
5221 2K Hardener822
6222 2K Clear & hardener 807
7421 2K Clear & hardener 572
8441 Hardener737
9ST 100 White HS1100
10ST 001 Crystal Silver Extra Fine1870
11ST 701 Fast Violet3110
12ST 801 Cyanine Blue1760
13ST 134 Metallic Gold4115
14ST 301 Mapico Yellow1670
15ST 172 Opal Colour5630
16ST 136 Metallic Orange4,905
17ST 902 Grass Green2120
18ST 903 Sun Green2920
19ST 921 Green LS1760
20ST 606 Giraffe Yellow2270
21ST 096 Mica Base 3M Crystal Silver5630
22ST 802 Threne Blue2270
23ST 601 Iron Red2120
24ST 506 Cinquasia Red3950
25ST 068 Mica Base 3U Radiant Red4790
26ST 033 White Met. Medium Fine2120
27ST 012 Met. Base Fine1870
28ST 006 Crystal Silver Medium2490
29ST 067 Mica Base 2K Red Brown3440
30ST 305 Natural Yellow3620
31Mahindra Grey406
32New Superior White419
33New Bus Green406
35Fluorescent Orange225
36Brown Teak502
38Lemon Chrome484
39Milky White323
40Fast Violet393

You can find the complete list of Nippon Paints prices in the PDF given below.

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