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Nut Bolt Weight Chart in Kg PDF

If you are looking for a Nut Bolt Weight Chart in Kg PDF, then you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we have added a button to directly download the PDF of the Fasteners Weight Chart with Sizes for free.

Nut Bolt Weight Chart

Here we have shared the Weight Chart of Nuts and Bolts of all types and sizes.

SizeBolt Weight (kg)Nut Weight (kg)Total Weight (kg)
M12 x 350.0490.0130.062
M12 x 400.0530.0130.066
M12 x 450.0580.0130.071
M12 x 500.0620.0130.075
M12 x 550.0670.0130.080
M12 x 600.0710.0130.084
M12 x 650.0720.0130.085
M12 x 700.0800.0130.093
M12 x 750.0850.0130.098
M12 x 800.0890.0130.102
M12 x 850.0940.0130.107
M12 x 900.0980.0130.111
M12 x 950.1030.0130.116
M12 x 1000.1070.0130.120
M12 x 1050.1110.0130.124
M12 x 1100.1160.0130.129
M 16X350.0870.0320.119
M 16X400.0940.0320.126
M 16X450.1020.0320.134
M 16X500.1100.0320.142
M 16X550.1180.0320.150
M 16X600.1260.0320.158
M 16X650.1320.0320.164
M 16X700.1410.0320.173
M 16X750.1480.0320.180
M 16X800.1530.0320.185
M 16X850.1610.0320.193
M 16X900.1670.0320.199
M 16X950.1770.0320.209
M 16X1000.1860.0320.218
M 16X1050.1950.0320.227
M 16X1100.2030.0320.235
M 16X1150.2110.0320.243
M 16X1200.2200.0320.252
M 16X1250.2280.0320.260
M 16X1300.2350.0320.267
M 16X1350.2430.0320.275
M 16X1400.2510.0320.283
M 16X1450.2590.0320.291
M 16X1500.2670.0320.299
M 16X1550.2700.0320.302
M 16X1600.2780.0320.310
M 16X1650.2860.0320.318
M 16X1700.2940.0320.326
M 16X1750.3020.0320.334
M 16X1800.3100.0320.342
M 16X1850.3180.0320.350
M 16X1900.3260.0320.358
M 16X1950.3340.0320.366
M 16X2000.3420.0320.374
M 20X450.1730.0610.234
M 20X500.1860.0610.247
M 20X550.1980.0610.259
M 20X600.2110.0610.272
M 20X650.2230.0610.284
M 20X700.2350.0610.296
M 20X750.2480.0610.309
M 20X800.2600.0610.321
M 20X850.2730.0610.334
M 20X900.2850.0610.346
M 20X950.2970.0610.358
M 20X1000.3100.0610.371
M 20X1050.3220.0610.383
M 20X1100.3340.0610.395
M 20X1150.3460.0610.407
M 20X1200.3590.0610.420
M 20X1250.3710.0610.432
M 20X1300.3840.0610.445
M 20X1350.3960.0610.457
M 20X1400.4080.0610.469
M 20X1450.4210.0610.482
M 20X1500.4330.0610.494
M 20X1550.4450.0610.506
M 20X1600.4580.0610.519
M 20X1650.4700.0610.531
M 20X1700.4820.0610.543
M 20X1750.4950.0610.556
M 20X1800.5060.0610.445
M 20X1850.5180.0610.457
M 20X1900.5300.0610.469
M 20X1950.5420.0610.481
M 20X2000.5540.0610.493
M 24X450.2580.1040.362
M 24X500.2760.1040.380
M 24X550.2940.1040.398
M 24X600.3120.1040.416
M 24X650.3300.1040.434
M 24X700.3480.1040.452

If you want to download the Nuts and Bolts Weight Chart with Sizes PDF, then click on the download button provided at the end of this post.


Download Nuts and Bolts Weight Chart PDF

To download Nut and Bolt Weight Calculation Table PDF, just click on the below download button. Within a few seconds, the Fasteners Weight Chart in Kg PDF will be on your device.

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