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Patta Chitta FMB Map PDF Download

If you are looking for the Patta Chitta and FMB Map in Tamil Nadu, you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we have added a button to directly download the PDF of the Patta Chitta Field Measurement Book Template for free.

Patta Chitta FMB Map

Patta Chitta and FMB are two important records related to land in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. They are issued by the Income Division of the Government of Tamil Nadu and are used for land ownership verification and income collection purposes.


Patta is an arrival ownership report that includes the details of the owner of the land, the observation number, and the extent of the land. It is also known as “Adangal” or “Chitta” in Tamil Nadu. Patta document is issued by the revenue department to the landowner and is an important report to establish the possession of the land.


Chitta is a report that includes points of interest about the land, observation numbers, degree of land, and classification of arrivals. It is issued by the Revenue Division and is used for revenue collection purposes.


Field Measurement Book (FMB) is a document that contains detailed data about physical estimations of land including boundaries, area, and measurements. It is used to confirm the location, measurement, and ownership of land and is an important document for property enrollment.

Patta Chitta FMB is a combination of these three documents and contains all the necessary data about a specific land. It includes points of interest regarding land ownership, study number, classification, measurement, and area.

If you want to download Patta Chitta FMB Fillable Map PDF, then click on the download button provided at the end of this post.


Download Patta Chitta FMB Map PDF

To download Patta Chitta FMB Fillable Template PDF, then just click on the below download button. Within a few seconds, the பட்டா சிட்டா FMB வரைபடம் will be on your device.

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