Prince Pipes Price List 2023 – PDF Download

Prince PVC Pipe Price List PDF Download for all inch size

Welcome to our new post where you will get the information regarding the latest prices of Prince Pipes. You can find a complete price list of the products under Prince Pipes which can also be downloaded in PDF format by the end of this article.



Prince Pipes and Fittings

Prince Pipes and Fittings Limited (PPFL) is one of India’s largest PVC pipe manufacturers & multi polymer processors. Incorporated in 1987, Prince is one of the fastest-growing companies in the Indian pipes and fittings industry.

Prince Pipes specializes in manufacturing plumbing, sewerage & drainage piping systems for both residential and commercial applications and CPVC piping systems or industrial pipes that find applications in industrial and infrastructure projects. Prince Pipes also serves the agriculture sector through products in borewell and agriculture piping categories.

Prince Pipes Price List

Sr. No.Product (Rubber Ring Joint)75mm/pc90mm/pc110mm/pc
1Single Socket Pipe 10 Ft. (3 Mtr) 303479522
2Double Socket Pipe 10 Ft. (3 Mtr)362551603
3Single Socket Pipe 6 Ft.238367432
4Double Socket Pipe 6 Ft.254373460
5Double Socket Pipe 4 Ft.179257306
6Double Socket Pipe 3Ft.144200246
7Double Socket Pipe 2 Ft.100141282
8ROYAL PIPES 10 Ft.275505
10Single T67.60116.25129.45
11Double T145.90213.45296.45
12Single Y86.60134.05160.05
13Double Y138.75232.85
14Bend 45°55.7581.8086.60
Prince Pipes Price List

The launch of Storefit water storage tanks was an organic extension of the product segments to leverage its expertise as one of the leading pipe manufacturers in India. 

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  1. 1. एक चीज बिल्कुल भी समझ में नहीं आ रही है कि जब प्रिंस अपना रॉ मैटेरियल (lebrozol) फ्लोगार्ड से खरीद रहा है तो उसके प्राइस आशीर्वाद के cpvc पाइप से इतने कम क्यों हैं…

    2. या फिर कि यह माना जाए कि प्रिंस कंपनी के पाइप बेकार बन गए हैं अच्छे रा Material के बावजूद….

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