Principles of Management Project Class 12 PDF

Principles of Management Project Class 12 PDF


Business Studies Class 12 Project on Principles of Management






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Principles of Management Project Class 12 PDF

If you are looking for Principles of Management Project for Class 12 Students PDF, then you are in the right place. At the end of this post, we have added a button to directly download the PDF of Henri Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management Project for free.

Principles of Management

This post will be useful for the students of Class 12, who are specifically looking for the Project on Principles of Management. The students can find this chapter in their Business Studies Book. Here we have shared the list and details about the Principles of Management.

Organizational theory is great and overall direction to determine performance. For example, when ascertaining the promotion of an employee, one manager may consider seniority, while another may follow the principle of merit. Here is the list of 14 Principles of Management.

  1. Division of Work
  2. Authority and Responsibility
  3. Discipline
  4.  Unity of Command
  5. Unity of Direction
  6. Subordination of Individual Interest
  7.  Remuneration
  8. Centralization
  9. Scalar Chain
  10. Order
  11. Equity
  12. Stability
  13. Initiative
  14. Esprit de Corps

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Download the Principles of Management Project Class 12 PDF

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