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  • New Product Development Process
  • Introduction to the Product Life Cycle
  • Stages of Product Life Cycle
  • Diagram of Product Life Cycle
  • Examples of Product Life Cycle

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Product Life Cycle PPT

Product Life Cycle in general words can be termed as the entire life tenure of the product, from introduction first time to consumer to removing it from the market. The product life cycle concept indicates the sales and profits/loss from the product from its introduction till it exits from the market.

Product life cycle is a widely used concept in marketing to understand the performance of the product. The product life cycle states how the product is performing in its respective stage.


The maturity stage is generally the longest remaining period in the entire life of the product.

When the declining stage starts companies either update the product or come up with new products.

Product Life Cycle PPT Download

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The product life cycle generally has 4 stages:

  1. Introduction stage
  2. Growth stage
  3. Maturity stage
  4. Decline stage

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